Football Manager 2019 – Top 10 Wonderkids


Football Manager 2019 has some great cheap wonderkids you can pick up, today I give you my personal Top 10 FM19 best young players!

Let me know who your favourite wonderkids with great potential have been so far in Football Manager 2019 in the comments!

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Football Manager 2019 – Top 10 Wonderkids
Football Manager 2019 – Top 10 Wonderkids
Football Manager 2019 – Top 10 Wonderkids

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  1. Darssi Qyqalla says

    Joshua Zirkzee is really good player

  2. athena123 says

    What size database do you need to start a save with to get these players? I play with a medium or large d'base but can never find antonio marin

  3. TheMetaNerd says

    Signed Pelayo Morilla once. Couldn't get a work permit tho

  4. Kirill Gappel says

    Чо он говорит

  5. rahul sarkar says

    get cossimo da graca from palermo…he is the best potential pressing forward…at just 17 yrs of age playing under mine he got european golden boy

  6. FOotball Manager 12 Update 2020 says

    fm2012 update saison 2019/2020

  7. Mega thrash says

    rober is shit played him so many games for three years and always was the worst player of the team,and the team played teally well

  8. Writeous0ne says

    in my game there is 5 players with "pelayo" in their name and 3 of them play for gijon, is there a reason for this, are they related? very strange


    Why i cant find Diallo and Brian Ocampo

  10. Yung Kab says

    Antonio Marin is going to be a world beater in real life, and we can all be like "Hey I bought him in FM, fuck with me"

  11. Yugoslavia 90 says

    I am NK Maribor Fan and the sad thing is. IRL Jan Mlakar is shit

  12. thinker 13 says

    Thiago Almada from velezSandro Tonali from brescia

  13. Random Someone says

    What is the difference between Fm PC and mobile?

  14. asc says

    i signed months ago Pelayo Morilla and he had great attributes but did not really perform well in the pitch

  15. Chrixstopher says

    Forgot to show Antonio marin…

  16. Morgan McGroarty says

    Jorge Osis has scored 51 goals in 45 games for me in his first season at rangers, and finished top goalscorer in the europa league


    Gustavo scarpa?

  18. Ricardo Oliveira says

    FÁBIO SILVA ????⚪?⚪

  19. Atef Ibrahim' says

    hello am sorry am a new FM player , why i cant find some of those players ? thanks

  20. MOROCCAN DAD says

    Congratulation to olympiakos.We bougt Svetozar Markovic,the best wondekid in fm.?⚪?⚪?⚪?⚪?⚪

  21. UJ Osayi says

    Great video. I just started playing recently so I appreciate this a lot ??

  22. Charlie Mclaren says

    They all play on the wing or as strikers so far. Perhaps a full team of 11 would be more interesting.

  23. Yeison Guarin Duran says

    Gonna buy svetozar right now!!

  24. Callum Redfearn says

    Erling Harland 16-17 you can sign him in your 2nd season and hes from slazburg he scored 30-40 a season in the prem with any team

  25. Anders B says

    Some of these players have already been bought by big clubs in the data updates. Lainez is at Betis, Mlakar is at Brighton.

  26. szamito gep says

    what about Ryan Sessegnon (fulham)???

  27. Caspar Schliemann says

    can't find most of these players

  28. Thomas rgg says

    Alexis Saelemakers from Anderlecht (RB)

  29. Christopher Cg says

    Try Antonio Zarzane

  30. viperswhip says

    Hey don't slam North Americans! We sold a Canadian (import, not saying that because I care, but before someone points it out) kid to Germany for 20 mill or something like that recently.

  31. IG Playz says

    My morilla is so different.

  32. RhaspsoLin says

    I cant find Antonio Marin when i look him up in fm19

  33. Beşir says

    FM discord channel:

  34. Lord Thighwind says

    Also take a look at Sandro Tonali at I believe Brescia U19s. On every save I've done so far he ends up at one of the big teams in Europe

  35. Bilal Yusuf says

    i sign ole ter haar romeny on my save. Man he is good already score 11 goals at first season with strasbourg for me. with 14 dribling, 14 finishing, 14 first touch, and 20 determination.

  36. Andre Budi Prasetya says

    Fiete Arp and Josha Vagnoman can be considered on the list

  37. RSD1 says

    I always go Sandro Tonali and Pietro Pelegri. Its worth it

  38. Samson Masebu says

    Facundo colidio isn't a bad buy scores 20+goals for me

  39. Budika B 4 God says

    Fiete Arp is the best striker in my team, he scored average 45 goals per season in my 4-2-3-1 system, with Almada, Majer, and Morilla behind him

  40. Zico Money says

    Diego Lainezis great

  41. Provencal le gaulois says

    thank you !!

  42. Tomislav Antunovic says

    Fabio Silva is also expensive in the beginning.

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