Football Manager 2019 – Top 5 Teams To Manage


Football Manager 2019 is out soon and today I’m going to be showing 5 teams that in my opinion are worth taking a look at for your first Football Manager 2019 save game. They’re in no particular order but in my opinion they all bring something new and challenging to FM19.

Let me know who you’re managing first in Football Manager 2019 in the comments!
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Football Manager 2019 – Top 5 Teams To Manage
Football Manager 2019 – Top 5 Teams To Manage
Football Manager 2019 – Top 5 Teams To Manage

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  1. Salvador Evangelho says


  2. Sam 1 says

    In england Leeds or Leicester are the best

  3. Iain Jennison says

    Hamburger SV rebuild a fallen giant, no transfer budget but some great young players

  4. Acid says

    Sunderland is also a good one to take charge

  5. The Busby Babes says

    i can only recommend sassuolo. they have a nice team and are certainly a challenge considering the amount of top teams in serie a

  6. Daniel Silva says

    Benfica, Ajax and Lyon are the best teams to manage um terms of wonderkids

  7. WaaaisT Araújo says

    Boavista fc Portugal

  8. timmy ol78 says

    lyon 🙂

  9. Qta says

    RB Leipzig is a Monster Club, so much talent in the Club….. you just need to add a couple of players and can win anything!

  10. More Baklava pls شكرا says

    I think hamburg is a nice one…qualifying to DV1 is easy but staying in bundesliga is somewhat a challenge

  11. Thomas says


  12. pr0chovek says

    LA Galaxy? hahaha Americans and football… give me a break…

  13. Jarshall says

    I am managing doncaster rovers at the moment why… because it's my home town team???

  14. RAM Bot says

    What a shit video

  15. Fcoen96 says

    Espanyol RCD for me. Lot of talent right there mixed with experience if players such as Diego Lopez,Piatti,Naldo,Duarte,Sergio Garcia and others Why them? This is the team that made me like football back in 06 when against all odds they reached the uefa cup final. Since then they remain the shadow of Barcelona and the goal is to become the new giant of the town.Kinda tight budget,some exciting prospects and a continuous goal to become bigger and bigger!

  16. Yusuf Hidayat says

    Rangers my Fav.

  17. thomas lacey says

    I’ve gone Lyon try and win the leauge with them 🙂

  18. thomas lacey says

    Who could I go in the championship boys

  19. Jim Howson says

    How about FC KOLN , playing in the Europa league last year then relegated but most of the best players stayed ! Along with Hamburg they will fight for promotion from 2. Bundesliga

  20. Dale Carlin says

    Rangers finished 3rd

  21. CR4 says

    Parma looks interesting why not I’m in

  22. RickyPro says

    Isn’t Ashley Cole still there?

  23. Ashley McNally says

    I'm guessing you used some sort of editor to get those new Lyon signings into the squad?

  24. warren dale says

    Ashley Cole is still at galaxy mate

  25. Ralf Winchester says

    How can i put the player screen the sane as your?

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