Football Manager 2020 | SPURS | #3 | BEST FM GOAL EVER?! | FM20


2000 likes and we’ll have another episode TONIGHT!
-SNAPCHAT: DoctorBenjy

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  1. Rav I says


  2. Cem Güney says

    needless to say: you've always been a loser in FM, Benjy 😀

  3. Conor Cleary says

    I was just crying laughing with that performance

  4. Andrew Paul 1980 says

    How come my new FM20 game hasn’t got all the official badges and player pictures on and yours has? Are you on a different version mate?

  5. Neil Blaiberg says

    Would Poch have done this? I take it you missed the Bayern game?

  6. Raidiya Qemal says

    So away match is unbalance huh?

  7. ICULookin says

    Are you editing this season? If so, you've taken the next step. Well done 🙂

  8. FM Stag says

    Aerochord legal team incoming!

  9. Ashley Harding says

    Please stick with 2D for main gameplay.

  10. A D says

    Had your wingers on attack not tracking back, away at city should be on support

  11. AnGrYvpanda says

    Really enjoying this new save Ben! Makes me want to get back into playing fm for the new game. Haven't had the last few games.

  12. 247MS1 says

    Love seeing a City player score a Rivi

  13. AFR0 MONKEY says

    Now that was le xd

  14. Kev Smith says

    "I feel like Southampton". Too soon Ben, too soon! (Southampton supporter here). :p

  15. RawJah says

    Why arent the roles of your CDs "Ballplaying defenders" Both are great as these..

  16. MbKD says

    It's just the formation. Havent been playing FM for some time, but I've played well before 2018. 4231 or 442 has never been great against 433.

  17. In The Mixer says

    SPOILERS4-1 DownMe: At least he is keeping his composure.5-2 downMe: Never mind

  18. Mile Carnaggio says

    sliding ice skater simulator 😀

  19. NXS 19 says

    At least it wasnt 7-2

  20. Ryan Owens says

    At least we know VAR is realistically stupid.

  21. Dan Tucker says

    You need a proper cdm Cos lo celso an ndombele r a bit wet wipey for my u need one of them an then a proper cdm who’s first thought is not to concide

  22. Oliver Jacobs says

    Have you been to Elland Road?

  23. Calum Grindlay says

    Tactics were absolutely all over the place – 4 attacking players against City away? Either use them and press high, or bing them back and form a solid defensive shape

  24. cheetofingers77 says

    Shocking tactics Benji, you have no defensive midfield

  25. danny dobson says

    This is GOLD amazing and funny as fuck!!

  26. Jorge Leocadio says

    that stat pack pannel is new thjis year ? xD Its very usefull 😀

  27. jack murnin says

    Two strikers on the bench for a one striker system

  28. Harsh Kumar says

    As an Arsenal fan I am lovin' it!

  29. Miloš Mišić says


  30. Syncz says

    How can you call without your phone?

  31. Christopher Owen-Jones says

    Considered defending a bit wider?!

  32. Troll Nation says

    Any chance of a bolton save this year i thought that would be an awesome challenge?

  33. Nick Kepley says

    Cancelo had a field day on the right side. Was Danny Rose even on the patch?

  34. MrScjmc says

    The start had me in bits! Quality Ben hahaha

  35. Adam says

    Sanchez had a nightmare vs Man City!

  36. GoldBallTV says

    Not looking to get 20 but the ME looks significantly less bizarre than 19

  37. Adam says

    I think 2D with 3D goal highlights is better than having the whole game in 3D

  38. Cocktail History says

    Long shots are broken in the beta. I have played about 20 hours and seen far more goals from outside the box than inside. 1 on 1s are also scored probably about 10% of the time which is ridiculously low. Hope that aspect is fixed because the rest of the game plays great

  39. 247MS1 says

    Oh how I've missed your FM content. Really enjoying this. Hope we hit 2k likes for another ep! Also love a goal that crashes off the bar and bounces into the roof of the net

  40. Liam Roby says

    Go with at least one winger on support Ben if you're playing a top 6 team away from home, potentially both. Also, play a little more cautious. If you're going with 2 CM's, I recommend having one on a defend duty and one on a support duty. Change it during the game if needs be depending on situation.Loving your content as always. Cheers!!

  41. Yun Hyun Kim says

    You should sign kang in lee later he won the u 20 golden ball

  42. Ben Veasey says

    Lets keep this under 2000 likes lol

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