Football Stadium with Park in Cities: Skylines | No Mods | Sunset Harbor DLC | Dream City Ep. 22


Imperatur builds his Dream City in Cities: Skylines Ep: 22 [Sunset Harbor DLC]

Today we’re building a huge NFL football stadium near the highway and connect it with a cable car with Dream city downtown. Also, the stadium is reachable via train, metro, and bus. Behind the Football Stadium, there is a big hill where we build a park with a spectacular view of the city. The main cemetery sits also here.

In my new vanilla Cities: Skylines series I build my dream city without mods.
Pro was a fictional character from the Noob VS Pro VS Modder series.

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Map: Celtic Shores by MrMiyagi
Map Theme: Springwood Map Theme
LUT: Relight Cool
Graphical Mods:
Clouds & Fog Toggler – Can disable clouds, distance fog, industrial smog
Sharp Textures – make textures sharper
Ultimate Eyecandy 1.5.1 – A wealth of visual settings at your fingertips
Relight – Rebalanced and customizable lighting and tone mapping
Post Process FX v1.9.0 – Enable additional post-processing effects
Dynamic Resolution – Better Graphics (only used for cinematics)
Daylight Classic – Brings back classic white daylight color

Mod collection:

Thomas Skyldeberg – Outside the window
Cadmium – Want it all
Sum Wave – Beach memories

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  1. imperatur says

    Hey guys!:)I am very happy to announce that I have merchandise from now on!If you are interested in supporting me and getting a t-shirt or hoodie, please feel free to click on the link of the shop :D Google's automatic translation tool)When you need more informations or help, I'm always there for you <3

  2. fm999 says

    so after 70 years of burying your family in the backyard, at last the governor build a cemetary

  3. Nietypowy Pingwin says

    Eeee its not football stadium

  4. The ARIZONA Sports man93 says

    How to get it I'm on console is this available for console

  5. Riezel Bihis says

    Answer: 16

  6. Haskie says

    Looks like imperatur is getting ready for the Snap.

  7. M VIDEOS says

    16 cemeteryes

  8. Emanuel Peralta says

    Eso no es un estadio de fútbol

  9. Nathan Tomlinson says

    8:00 what’s with all the cemetery’s…. are you killing the people in the stadium

  10. Thomas Darby says

    What football stadium is that?

  11. Samuel Olalla Martínez says

    16 cementeries, I watch your videos since you started.

  12. Jermaine Train Allen says

    That's not a football stadium.

  13. Bambi says

    Na da hast du dich ja wieder selbst übertroffen☺️ Sieht echt top aus?? Aber warum so viele Friedhöfe!? Aber ansonsten echt schön geworden! Am besten gefällt mir das Gebiet über den Friedhöfen?? Aber wo ist das Stadion her? Aus dem Sunset Harbour DLC? Und wie lange hast du eigentlich gebraucht, um das ganze Grünzeug zu platzieren? Das muss doch ewig gedauert haben??‍♂️

  14. NYCmob79 says

    wow impressive.

  15. Phazez Gova says

    One mod. 81 tiles ???

  16. C. Remy says

    That moment you grieving over your dead parents at the main cemetery when people of the city cheering over SuperBowl at the stadium in the background. Disturbing.

  17. Isaac Baxter says

    16 cemeteryLove your vids

  18. Mattia Valenziano says

    I'm sure that there were 16 cemeteries, hi from Italy.??

  19. Alex Alekos says

    5:50 ok now we know the sponsor on the team's jockeys will be standard chartered

  20. RaptorsFan 101 says

    Around 16 cemeteries were used in the making of this video

  21. Snowy Jaguar1034 says

    You used 16 cemeteries to make your main cemetery site. I find your content very inspiring and motivating

  22. 9MRSG says

    4×4 = 16 cemeteries. Wish they had an option that would merge like four of them to create a huge cemetary, land fill etc…

  23. Liz Brohm says

    It really dumb why you need so many cemetery’s. You had 16 btw.

  24. Kimberley says

    Nice ?

  25. Prashanthi Allam says


  26. Bánh Mì says

    Perfect!!! ❤

  27. Skandispark says

    Stimulator of the Russian official.

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