Football Strike – NEW TOP SCORER CUP COMPLETING | Leo Ortiz


Hi guys!
In this Football Strike video, we are playing the New Top Scorer Cup Tournament.
A new event is great!

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  1. anghelo gil says

    yo no pude conseguir ninguna copa

  2. Kino man Tore says


  3. kavitha male says

    Play basketball stars

  4. Violentine Everett says

    Te admiro Bro 🙂

  5. PROHN #500 PX XD NAME says

    Can u give me money pls

  6. Reginaldo Sibiem machado says

    Eu ganhei duas vezes esse prêmio

  7. Adam , says

    I love you so much Leonardo

  8. Emiliano carp19 says

    Cool game

  9. Marco Brandao says

    a anbar e a melhore bola do jogo

  10. Jordan Pratt says

    Good luck

  11. Analisa Chung says

    You i so beast

  12. Tony Pratt says

    Good luck

  13. Álvaro Aventuras says

    Yo también gane bro oro

  14. Newlok Tamang says

    Big fan bro

  15. Gabitu Paltinus says


  16. F3d3 T1tan says

    Bro puoi portare basketball stars pls😭

  17. madhu adhikari says

    I also have completed this cup

  18. santiago brandao says

    Jogas muito bem

  19. Matias Alaniz says

    Eres el mejor youtuber del mundo leo ortiz te mereces llegar al millon de subs y mas

  20. Zabiyka Vadim says

    Good game bro!!!!!!!pliase 600 koins

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