1. W2S says

    Btw guys for the FUT Draft bit the World Record only counts the time during the picking the players bit, you can spend as long as you like re-arranging the team!

  2. Mr Gamer says

    Why did you guys do this to him

  3. Nicholas Cheung says

    U took all most 3 minutes to vuild the 192


    13:01 "the salah guy" I'm watching this in 2020 and he is one of the most valuable cards in the game right now 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Ninja Family says

    2m and 5s

  6. Craig says

    It’s that salah guy 😂😂😂😂

  7. Guillermo abel Esqueda says


  8. Malek Youssef says

    you learned how drive

  9. Polo Tansingco says

    For all you guys wondering, the music at 2:50 is Zach Hemsey – The Way (Instrumental)

  10. ITz Timy says

    Well,Congrats u found a comment who doesn't talk abt Salah Guy

    Wait did I too?😂

  11. 15255-Kenan Mohamad AlMasri says


  12. Pfsim Fn says

    When u discarded I acardi it said 36 k so there was an other player

  13. Neskure says

    90% of the comments is about w2s said ‘the salah guy’

  14. Dylan Martel says

    You film at sylvans mate film at north way better pitch. #guernsey

  15. Mohammad Jaffer says

    In fifa17 salah's rating was 90 as a team of the season but now in 2020 his overall rating is 90!!salah has improved so much.

  16. leave me says

    Player that's 82 Pac is shit

  17. Timeo Le Rasle says

    Harry is the cross bar god

  18. Jakey Boy says

    W2S doing his thing trying to hit random cards again

  19. Monster YT says

    I just minute ronaldo 2:55

  20. Monster YT says

    I just minute 255

  21. Ibrahim Khan says

    Do not backbite or lie. And saying 'gods' is stupid. And do not joke about that

  22. Ibrahim Khan says

    Why are you asking a piece of rubber to help you?

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