Fortnite Boss Kit – Meow Meow (Official Music Video)


Fortnite Boss Kit – Meow Meow (Official Music Video) Boss Jules and Boss Ocean Music video coming next!

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This is my first ever music video, I have never made music but thanks to YouTube & Dude for making this into reality, I will be making more music videos and regular gaming videos on the channel so Thanks to everyone for making this possible!

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  1. Fortnite Gattu says

    Team Kit stands with Fishy and Banana ?

  2. Demonic Jayzy says

    Trash ?

  3. Ali Haydous says

    Kit is just very cute

  4. matt k says

    Kit can sing ay ayyyayayyyayayayayaayayya

  5. Kevin Jancsy says

    I’m with fishy’s but this sounds like a drunk cat

  6. Kevin Jancsy says

    This is weird sounds like a mad cat meowing

  7. jasmine b says


  8. Simon babraček says

    Wtf this is nooot good

  9. Gamer Jae 2 says

    na nanana ?

  10. Oliver Colquitt says

    Why did kit not eat the fish ?

  11. Gamer Jae 2 says

    that is so good

  12. Netkon 2007 says


  13. Saima Batool says

    raza is back

  14. Mayra Romero says


  15. Terry Burt says


  16. speed Hameed says

    This is underated it deserves more support

  17. Peter Horan says

    Default army all the way

  18. karina mora says

    No a lo ingles pero me gustó es muy kawaii

  19. Lourdes Lopez says

    1:54….. 360 OOGABOOGBOOGA

  20. Lourdes Lopez says

    1:31hay what happen1:32 hes depressed

  21. Lourdes Lopez says

    6kits a pro meow meow meow meow meow row meow meow row row meow meow

  22. Moonen Mike says

    What a stupid song u only hear dumb sounds

  23. TTV_ Lisha1304 says

    Um cat and fish…… sorry fishstick u are todays special

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