Fortnite Boss Song | All Bosses In Fortnite Chapter 2 (Full Music Video)


Fortnite Boss Song with all Bosses In Fortnite Chapter 2 – what they really say – All bosses (Full Music Video) with their voices
Fortnite Song showing all of the fortnite bosses so far in Chapter 2 – Boss Midas, Boss Brutus, Boss TNTina, Boss Meowscles, Boss Skye, Boss Ocean, Boss Kit, Boss Jules
Fortnite Bosses Song
Fortnite like a boss in a Fortnite story featuring every boss so far in Chapter 2 Fortnite
Created by DrogonX
This is a Family Friendly video and contains no swearing using the voices from the Fortnite game

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  1. DrogonX says

    Here's all 8 bosses from Chapter 2 in a song with the trailers from Season 2 and Season 3 Fortnite!WHO IS YOUR FAVE? Boss Kit/Meowscles/Midas/Brutus/Ocean/Jules/TNTina or Skye? Comment below! ?So far… Kit = 3, Midas = 1, Skye = 1

  2. Gerardo Guerrero says

    this gives me memorys on season 2 bosses:)

  3. C l o u d y says

    I LOVE this!

  4. Fernances Gaming says

    This is GOLD

  5. Dianna Archer says

    Oh hell I've lost me sock

  6. Anthony Hughes says


  7. Mr. Chilly penguin Us says

    So have you found Larry yet tho

  8. Ocean Cat says

    0:43 lol I love Jules

  9. Mr.ShadowDj Reaction says

    I love it player make I kit song pls and midas and jules pls make one I love I subscribe I love it pls make all video all day

  10. DeadPool Wade Wilson says


  11. DeadPool Wade Wilson says


  12. DeadPool Wade Wilson says

    No Way DrogonX u rlly took Greg cake with this one

  13. DeadPool Wade Wilson says


  14. The GAMING Ishrak says

    Nice one

  15. NIKHSANE says

    Ur vids make my day wish i were you my channel is growing but not steadily….any tips or shoutouts

  16. FireStone The Warrior Dragon says

    OMG I LOVE THIS FORTNITE BOSS SONG, IT'S SO COOOOOOL. (yeah sorry, I just love the video, and my favourite boss is Kit and Meowscles)

  17. Majed Alalawi says

    The good ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????

  18. Crazy Shark says


  19. Cloudy Clouds says

    It was awesome

  20. Ayaan Katepally says


  21. Ocean Cat says

    Btw I am a girl

  22. Ocean Cat says

    Love it Girly

  23. Midas Sahar says

    very cool song!!!

  24. Kit on topp! says

    0:59 skye says you need a shower she actually says you stink

  25. Bish Khalid says

    I like all ur vids

  26. DT Nyabezi says


  27. I Subscribe Everyone Back Who Sub BurgerCrafts says

    DrogonX Good content

  28. Jan Benkö says


  29. ellanor brokenshire says

    I'm honestly so excited for these for future bosses. Hopefully they are in the game next season so I can listen to one of these amazing beats again

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