Fortnite Music Video – Boogie Bomb (Gucci Gang Parody)


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This is a parody music video for Fortnite called Boogie Bomb. It is a parody of the song Gucci Gang by Lil Pump. If you enjoyed it make sure to leave a comment, a like and hit that subscribe button. Especially if you want us to make another Fortnite song or other music videos.


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  1. GameByte says

    Want more Fortnite music videos? Then check this out!

  2. Finn O'Hara says

    So many memories I almost cried I can’t believe where already in season 2 chapter 3 I love this song

  3. Flaherty23cat Anti Toxic says

    Omg the nostalgia ?

  4. TJ Hefflinger says

    This song is fire

  5. Cuhris says

    I gold scar

  6. Noah Does Stuff says

    2 years ago? Jeez time flies

  7. Vlix._ says

    Shit i loved this song in s1

  8. Kyle Clapz says

    still liking comments after 2 years?

  9. Justin Fodrini says

    This went hard with the boys

  10. Liliana Caseres says

    People say fishy on me is the best fortnite song and you hit them with this

  11. Rxliczz says


  12. jarvington torres says

    this song brings back so many memories

  13. DuraTwist says

    The memories

  14. pozwyd says

    These were the good times 🙁

  15. Dumpsterfire says

    I committed numerous counts of tax fraud and larceny in the Soviet state republic of Turkmenistan

  16. Coconut Head says

    this so is so fire i love fortnite #doodoofart

  17. 30,000 Subs Without a Video Challenge! says

    Best Fortnite remix ever.

  18. Jeannette Stevens says

    Songs low-key fire

  19. real14gamer says

    You copied I suck at fortnite

  20. Razorex Fishy says

    I remember listening to this in season 3

  21. AxerG YT says

    I remember this ?

  22. Rory 1 says

    Fuck it’s already been 2 years I can’t believe it

  23. BoSSBoRa _ says


  24. Ttv sellone24 says

    10-year-old fishey On me is the best song Season five and under this is the best song

  25. Maureen Locke says

    Old men and people can say ether hate fortnite and it’s for little kids but it use to be fun but now only sweats play it.

  26. Montie Pangerl says

    Its 2020 and this is still op.

  27. Crawdaddy says

    The most hyped song ever

  28. parkcityLTD says

    The season 3 jam

  29. Roxxy says

    I miss season 2

  30. Bruh Barho says

    Why dont you have more subs

  31. Kaleb Slatoncuh says

    The things this song brings back just by memory??

  32. Kenito Held says

    this used to be a absolute banger

  33. Thomas Maynard09 says

    Two years later and this still slaps

  34. M3CHI0 says

    ah yes, when Fortnite was actually fun…

  35. Localisings says

    make a second version or something for a 2 year anniversary since boogie bombs got removed ?

  36. Vulcan SZN says

    Who’s 2020 here

  37. Roxana Rosales says

    Love your videos

  38. Roxana Rosales says


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