Fox Movies (Asia) pre-launch countdown promo (D-2)


In May of this year, Fox Networks Group announced that it would re-brand its own movie channel, Fox Movies Premium (Southeast Asia) and Star Movies (Philippines only, branding will retain in Middle East, India, Vietnam and China.) to Fox Movies on June 10th.

On the same day, both Fox Action Movies and Fox Family Movies will get a new look as well.

Promos for the relaunch has been surfaced everywhere, even on FMP’s YT account. This one is a short announcement telling us that in a few days, FMP will re-brand to Fox Movies at 10am with X-Men : Apocalypse as the first film to air on this channel.

We hope you enjoy this short video and tomorrow, I will be uploading the transition to Fox Movies if I can.

(Taken from Fox Movies’ Facebook account.)

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