Frank Lampard on FA Cup Clash & Injury Update | Chelsea v Manchester United


Frank Lampard discusses how Chelsea plan to take on Manchester United ahead of the FA Cup semi final.

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  1. sebatas cover Biasa says

    if lampard wants to be safe in chelsea he must play attacking football for his team in chelsea … just an example if pep guardiola or juargen kloop lost the match whether the two coaches were blamed the answer is no they will not be blamed. . even though his team lost but they were always said to be worthy of winning. That is what makes these two coaches always safe in their coaching chairs because they play attacking instead of playing defense

  2. sebatas cover Biasa says

    Learning quickly, and the right accuracy is very important for a team … this is not owned by United, Chelsea, Totenham and Arsenal so that the only best way for them to do is defend and defend, waiting for a counterattack … if the club above mentioned, if they play openly against Manchester City and Liverpool they will definitely concede a lot

  3. sebatas cover Biasa says

    ASAP Chelsea chelsea's key player signature signature Munich David Alaba .. If Chelsea really wants to compete next season … don't think about its age, the high price or the expensive salary. If we already know that it can make and have a good impact for this team, why don't we just try to bring it … see the flight hours. , see the quality, and whether he is often upset and not too and this is an opportunity for Chelsea

  4. sebatas cover Biasa says

    don't doubt the quality of saul niguez and koke at Athletico Madrid believe me they can both change the Chelsea game … or just bring saul niguez from athletico madrid that can have a big effect on the Chelsea squad

  5. Sekar Utami says


  6. sebatas cover Biasa says

    I hope Chelsea FC must steal a goal first in every game to boost the mentality of the young players … If Chelsea FC concede first, as soon as possible the young players must be replaced by their senior players … young players are very good in a team but when other teams score first goal that's where the mentality of young players decreases and they will imagine the fear of discomfort does not mean that the quality of young players is bad but that's where the first thing that affects the mentality of players especially those who are young. but if Chelsea FC steals a goal first, there is no need for Frank Lampard to replace his young players because their mentality is getting better but if other teams score first or as soon as possible replace their young players with senior players because the mentality of the young players is definitely declining sharply .. .

  7. عبدالعزيز القعياني says

    Covid 19 is a joke ..Wake up world they are …….

  8. Happy Man says

    I predict 3-1

  9. Paul Taylor says

    Well done today to Super Frank! Hope you win it from a sad Ram lol!

  10. Richard Kurniawan says

    sell zouma, christensen, barkley

  11. Livingstone Prosper says

    I hope we will win if our guys keep attacking. Plus our defense should not be relaxed. Pulisic must show dem how experienced u are

  12. ismaaciil lucky says

    Manchester United win for 3 =1 man final

  13. Timmy Jordan says

    I for one kept saying that Pulisic just needs to join the gym an he will be distructive

  14. CrazyBoy V30 says

    Come on Chelsea beat Man Utd

  15. tysoon363636 says

    Looking at our defence, I've no confidence going into every game. sorry.

  16. Manwolf says

    I reckon united will score 10 against are bad defense

  17. Borun Gogoi says

    Sell jorginho and bring back ampaduMuch better performer

  18. Tapiwa James says

    Kante is out damn we will miss him anyway please don't play RLC

  19. Wayne Barfoot says

    Come on united . one love ?

  20. B1llyFth 7 says

    Even if Lampard doesn’t win this semi final or the final he has done such a great job

  21. Michael Wood says

    Frank's sad because he erm lost his erm razor.

  22. Dany Ramirez says


  23. Timothy Matous says

    Lol arsenal beat man city

  24. football manager says

    chealsea will smash man utd by 5 goals to nil . bcuz man utd doesn't have any staratagies to beat man utd. I am saying this bcuz we don't need fa cup we need top 4 forget about fa cup . just lose this match by 5 goals

  25. jay Balic says

    2-1 united

  26. E Willy E says

    <<<<<<We need this and FA Cup

  27. Ndayambaje Sylvestre says

    We have to win please start olivier

  28. Fifa _Krixh says

    When will Hakim Ziyech And Werner Start playing

  29. Jonathan Johnston says

    I'm a man utd fan and use can slabber all use want but we are gonna win just accept it have a nice day ???

  30. cubing beast says


  31. HAMMER Rock GAMING P2 says

    "We'll sèe , well see" lol?

  32. Qadar Shariif says

    Final man u vs Arsenal ???

  33. Manuel Fernandes says

    How Chelsea should line up KepaAzpi. Rudiger. Zouma. Alonso Barkley. Jorginho. Kovacic Willian. Giroud. Pulisic

  34. EfPES says

    Blue is the colour football is the game we all together and winning is our aim so cheer up and see us win tomorrow because Chelsea Chelsea is our name

  35. Nick Mogielnicki says

    Frank that guy #11, his name is Pedro, play him you numpty.

  36. Obi-Wan Bissaka says

    Be scared fat frank

  37. philbert macharia says

    Avoid those younger players we need experienced player to avoid panic

  38. philbert macharia says

    Play giroud over abraham

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