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Frankfurt – Welcome to one of Europe’s most important trading capitals. Check out the best places to visit in Frankfurt and start planning your trip!

When ready, browse vacation packages to Frankfurt:

Today, #Frankfurt is home to the European Central Bank, the German Stock Exchange and an airport, which handles almost 60 million travelers a year.

Despite its stature as a financial giant, Frankfurt remains surprisingly compact. Most of its attractions are clustered close to the city centre, making it an easy #vacation spot as the city is perfect for exploring on foot or by bicycle.

Cross the Eiserner Steg into Frankfurt’s ancient heart, the Römerberg. After being devastated by allied bombs in World War Two, many of the square’s most important buildings have been lovingly restored. From the Römerplatz, head deeper into the old city to #discover important buildings such as Paulskirche and Goethe-Haus.

Don’t miss the many specialist museums, such as the German Film Museum, the German Architecture Museum and the Stadel Museum.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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    I would like to have a snail mail( postal mails) penpal from Frankfurt. I am Japanese 49 year old woman!
    From where I live, we have a direct flight to Frankfurt, so I stopped by there twice when I visit Europe!! I think Frankfurt is the nearest foreign country from my townXD

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    To video maker; can you make a fresh video of Frankfurt, and Nuerberg? Since this is 2 year's old? I've been thinking about visiting, and want to see what is current. Thank you.


    Very nice video ।

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    It should be illegal for travellers not to visit Frankfurt haha. Looking at this video, you can tell how nice this city is.
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    I live in Frankfurt from 4 years and was just watching a video about life in Dubai. Then I thought to myself Why not discover New places in Frankfurt? I absolutely love Frankfurt but I have barely been around the city. Loved the video ❤️

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    The whole Germany is beautiful except some parts of Stuttgart. I was in Frankfurt by August 2006 and I was impressed by the financial district!… Big tall skyscrapers! Quite unusual in Germany…

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