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Intuition takes place with workaholic relationship therapist, Dr. David Francis, who tries to help Kenny deal with his trust issues. The Doctor fails to realize his patient is having an affair with his finance Karen.

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  1. Regina Andersonn says

    That was a crazy movie.

  2. Regina Andersonn says

    He’s a clown all day..

  3. Dr. Cultys Horror Movie Collection says

    Just finished watching this. Its a little slow at times, but a pretty good movie overall.

  4. maria fernanda banguera mosquera says

    Las peliculas las pueden traducir al espñol?

  5. Nataya Horton says

    Damn ,that too real ass movie…I loved it and the end shocker ???‍♀️?

  6. imesh nevil says


  7. jeff kershaw says

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    Why I'm so fucking late

  9. Lorraine says

    Please can someone explain the sister comment at the end, also I don’t understand the end. Thank you ?

  10. TheBlueskyson says

    He swol.

  11. teboo Motaung says

    Karma is Bitch. nice swing on the story line.

  12. Andi Maulana says

    Greates movies..but i needed a semi movie..

  13. Brian Cullen says

    This fucking short movies. Suck

  14. Kema Johnson says

    Kenny and sweetie look like they could be related?? awkward!??? good movie..i have this on DVD.

  15. gracious cutie says

    Kenny look a little like stevie J from love and hip hop

  16. Tee Khulie Madzana says

    if you are here 2020 lets gather here and press the like button ?

  17. Lilian iam says

    Beautiful girl?

  18. victoria brown says

    The Doctor got a good taste of his own medicine.

  19. K.Everett says

    I did like the movie; however, I became confused at the ending. ?Did Kenny fine self sleep with David wife or her supposedly "twin sister" or both of them? ???‍♀️??‍♀️

  20. Jennyka Nègre says

    I'm confused ?

  21. Omar Mjombo says

    are u sure you can go to watch the comment before watching the movie first???????

  22. Rene 1111 says

    Kenny looks like Duane Martin. I watched this movie years ago & forgot what happened. I’m binging this channel while on quarantine?

  23. Lynn Chimwadzimba says

    Great movie but I dnnt understand the ending

  24. jamal saeeid says

    Kenny you.?

  25. Temi A says

    This is real. Many of us are hypocrites. I loved how everything played out.

  26. Live: HBI TV says

    Boy This is 1 Krazy azz Movie!!!! ???????????????? My God!!???

  27. Christine Dabreo says

    Great movie. Drama and suspense was there from the beginning to the end. Well done✌?

  28. Courtney Collins says

    Actually I've WATCHED This Film Afew Times And I, Like It!!!???????GREAT Actors & ETC….

  29. Dawn Michelle says

    The only question I have is how is Karen calling his phone at the end before he goes upstairs?

  30. precious Enifome says

    It's a nice movie?….but I don't believe that twin shit…..

  31. Priscilla Bernard says

    To be honest Cant blam him for thinking it was her they both resemble badly

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