Free Video Game Making Programs


In this AAARvideo, we will show you some good programs to make your own video games for free.
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“Bitch Outta Pocket”
by Newgrounds user: squf
We have personally asked and been granted permission to use his music in our videos.

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  1. The new Creator says

    hey can i get list of urls where i can download the apps please or get to use them?

  2. Gerrit Johansen says

    I will make a big chungus game:)

  3. Rajesh Pariyar says

    i am i n class 6.we learn sctrach

  4. Freddie says

    2years ago we learn scratch in the school 😀

  5. Saroj B says

    Is the "UNITY" Free

  6. Aiyan says

    Dude! use unity

  7. Salvador Wolf-Zielke says

    SO FUCKING OLD I WAS 8 ON oct 30 2011

  8. LawAbidingJoe says

    I've used Scratch since I was 8. After I finish my Mario game I'm probably going to move on to game maker.

  9. mohammad ateeq says

    Do we use unity for Windows 8.1

  10. Foaklore Media says

    I was thinking of making a game similar to elder scrolls arena / daggerfall, but with a top down perspective, what would be a good programming software for this task?

  11. Spicy Jenny says

    I wanna make a 2D game and make it popular so dan tdm can play it 😀

  12. Mark Eiden III says

    Scratch Is A Game Design Maker Not A Music Maker, Trust Me

  13. Konradkh says

    I think it's easier to use Unreal Engine 4 than Unity (Oh this video is from 2011, and this comment is from 2018…)

  14. SK ET says

    for some reason I cant find one that can have cutsins

  15. IvyX says

    Scratch is gay

  16. TheFrostedForest says

    Scratch: Doesn't teach actual codding, and doesn't make good games, didn't learn shit from itYoYo: Another ScratchUnity: Crashed every five seconds, can't put a model in, impossible to figure out when it does workUnreal: Better layout and easier to use, well if you can use the few programs out there to make the only file type it accepts, and not .mqo .pmx .pmd or .obj and the like, otherwise easier to use the UnityCryEngine: Rather hard to even get a model in, texturing was impossible on the .obj I even imported (it was before and in the program it was not, it lost all textures as well) and it lost any rigging I'd already done

  17. Embigo says

    What program that can be publish in the internet

  18. Abhishek H S says

    Send urs whats app number

  19. Pris9n Pony says

    This really helped me I also really recommend unity it made some really cool games

  20. Gaurav Sinha says

    i needed 3d game maker without coding can you give some name of game engine without coding

  21. Jacob Repors says

    0:43 ITS NOT LIMITED TO 2D! THERE ARE SOME 3D GAMES MADE WITH SCRATCH!(What you should say is that making a 3d scratch involves advanced trigonometry.)

  22. Geek Squad says


  23. Jacob Repors says

    Reatd the scratch wiki!

  24. Jacob Repors says

    0:42 IT IS NOT LIMITED TO 2d!, you can make 3d games too!(although you need trigonometry knowledge and advanced scratch knowledge.

  25. Yoni Meller says

    MIT did not make the blocks, the blocks are part of "blockly" a google project.

  26. Real Review says

    how about things like leveling up skills etc

  27. BE A GAMER. says

    Can you give links

  28. Dooonkey Kong says

    thanks trying to make fnaf fan game

  29. meme is my life says


  30. Diamond Ryan B says

    SCRATCH is not bad its just a lot of people who use SCRATCH are just learning because its easy for beginners but if you put a lot of work into a game it could come out good just if you work on it really hard  .

  31. ReviveClick says

    Does anyone know a 32 bit game creatir for ms i cant find one

  32. JelloTeen says

    Explosive is unity free?

  33. Flufflet says

    sees the map used in cryengine 3- HOLY CRAP, THIS IS FROM CRISIS!!!Oh BTW You Missed Out Construct Classic And 2

  34. PyrusDoesLife says

    Thank you! This helped so much! 🙂

  35. kinda a crusade says

    so i mastered scratch in school so now i go to unity

  36. Eliminator Elite says

    DUDE! That outro music hurts my bloody ears!

  37. Ilovethis Channel says

    Dude ROBLOX

  38. Merrill Manucot says

    What is the best and easy game maker for free.

  39. Heavy heart says

    Is unity free?

  40. Football League says

    Unity is the most worst engine ever. UDK is the best

  41. Æяiк says

    what program is, have a warrior in a cube and a wood shield ??? pls

  42. Jaketacoloco says

    Cry engine is free?????????????????????

  43. imysterygamer says

    thanks unity really helped

  44. killerpigis22 says

    I created my first game when I was only 7 years old. I created MySpace and Farmville. I developed the engine for GTA v. I'm the best EVER

  45. MB_Duke10 says

    Scratch is actually not limited to 2d or one camera angle. But you have to be really good at it. I saw someone make a flight simulator game on it.

  46. Studipity says

    Ehhh, I'm sticking to roblox insert Kappa here

  47. midadari Bani says

    my friend name its named real the beauny but my friend beauny its loved scratch went after years its making game but beauny named at scratch its nob68 went he love games together and then making cat XDDD

  48. Pendragonz says

    A little advice, move a little bit back from your mic so we don't hear your breathing. Otherwise, great video!

  49. TheShovelKing says

    oh my god even you. blender is a game maker and animation maker. you forgot blender m8

  50. McYeeter says

    im thinking of creating a mobile or pc game does anyone wanna help me it will be a buissness

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