From Avatar to Spider-Man: The 13 Biggest (New) Movie Delays | Comic Con 2020


This past week saw a number of major movie delays, including Avatar 2, Spider-Man 3 and the new Star Wars trilogy moved back, Tenet and Mulan taken off the release calendar and a number of Paramount movies, including A Quiet Place Part II and Top Gun: Maverick moved into 2021. But hey, The New Mutants still has the same release date! Brian Altano, Max Scoville and Akeem Lawanson break down the biggest changes and why we’re disappointed in these movie release date changes.

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  1. Larva Rewind says

    It's great to watch before going to bed

  2. Adrian Ramirez says

    No use for fake movies anymore. Save ur money for ur children. We r slaves wake up humans

  3. Brad Baldonado says

    wahhhhhhh .. so much whining

  4. Olle Selin says

    At least we're still getting "WW1984" and "Snake Eyes" in October

  5. Jacob Lloyd says

    They also pushed back Godzilla Vs Kong to next year.

  6. Lion says

    Metal Gear Solid 3: Children of Democracy! Coming July 4, 2099

  7. EhCloserLook says

    Yo whoever is uploading IGN’s vids is failing HARD. EVERY vid is in 360p for some reason!

  8. Nathan M. says

    Seriously, we don't another Star Wars Trilogy

  9. Martin Petersson says

    I just want Alita 2.

  10. Honorary Reich says

    Was this guy hired after the big BLM promotion?

  11. Brian Galland says

    whats with the drop in quality!!!

  12. DrunkyBearAslax says

    360p ?????

  13. Lydia Waffleman says

    I missed this glad to be able to see it still…

  14. harry dixson says

    I bet Avatar 2 is going to be introducing a lot of new characters since Sully or whatever his name was turned out to be a dud of an actor.

  15. Inuninu says

    why 360p only?

  16. Stop Im gonna drop my croissant says

    Ehem where the 100 dollars (or something) that you would give to the person who finds luigi in SM64?????

  17. سراج النجار says


  18. Sir I smokebuds says

    Hi guys

  19. Sir I smokebuds says


  20. Aslam says

    It's the problem of Disney not the films,Avatar 2 is a part of Disney and Disney is only taking the decisions not the Director

  21. Trevor Olague says

    Delays are no surprise seeing as how movies cant be seen in theaters. Idk why people are surprised everything is delayed

  22. A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment! says

    Who the hell cares for avatar lo

  23. Noah Samuel says

    Wait. IGN has a Tik Tok? Oh No.

  24. Teepo says

    That's a shame. I was really looking forward to avatar 3.

  25. nemanja6290 says

    nobody gonna talk about 360p video quality?

  26. Raza Hyder says

    Why is the max quality 360p?! Re-upload the video. It won’t even play on my Apple TV

  27. Mike Dsouza says

    Can anyone refer me to a video which shows how to have a room light setup like his? Thanks in advance. That's cool…

  28. Eric Riley says

    It was funny, thanks!

  29. Abhinandan M k says

    Looks like James Cameron doesn't stick to his new year resolution.

  30. Winchester NL says

    Bit of a low blow to have Black Widow be one of the movies that's delayed indefinitely

  31. chiefmegadeth says

    I wouldnt care if they delayed Avatar for another 20 years…

  32. Jalil Naderi says

    "theres no avatar movie that i know of"the last airbender: am i a joke to you?

  33. Pahoa Productions says

    Was anyone really waiting for ferngully 2? I mean avatar 2??

  34. Daniel Dominguez says

    Avatar was excited to use this pandemic as an excuse to delay it for the 100 time

  35. Gilbert Morales says

    It’s okay I have a ton movies to rewatch ? let those marvel and star war movies bake longer. So we can get awesome stories not rushed….

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