FULL Stretching Routine for Soccer & Football Players ⚽️ Increase Your Flexibility


BEST Stretches for Soccer Players – How To Stretch Properly to Increase Flexibility, Decrease Injuries and Feel Better!
Download Full Stretching Routine PDF here: (ENGLISH)

A huge part about playing soccer at your peak performance is your ability to prepare and recover with maximum efficiency! With every athlete that I personal train, I incorporate some kind of dynamic and/or static stretching into our workouts.

My name is Lucas Kruel and I am a personal trainer of professional soccer players worldwide. Do you want to better your match day performances? Join my #TRUSTMYCOACH Training Program now at www.trustmycoach.com/soccer and let’s work together towards your goals.

Our aim:
✅ Improve mobility – to enhance movements!
✅ Prepare or wind down the muscles!
✅ Increase flexibility – to improve performance on the pitch!
✅ Reduce injuries – don’t be stuck on the sidelines!
✅ Feel better before and after soccer training or matches!

Today we will stretch:
✅ Quadriceps
✅ Hamstrings
✅ Hips
✅ Calves
✅ Back
✅ Gluteals

Join myself and another top personal trainer, China as we focus on the BEST STRETCHES FOR SOCCER PLAYERS. Find a flat space, download our Workout PDF (above) or follow our stretching routine video! Have fun 🙂

IMPORTANT: During this Stretching Routine, please go at your own pace and feel free to adjust the holding times, execute the techniques slower or skip exercises that are too difficult.

#TRUSTMYCOACH Training Program: www.trustmycoach.com/soccer
Website: www.trustmycoach.com
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Lucas Kruel:


More Stretching:
Dynamic Stretching:

Consult your healthcare professional before beginning any fitness regime.
When doing the free #TRUSTMYCOACH Workouts – ensure you warm-up before and train at your own level and comfort. If you feel pain, dizziness or nauseous, stop training immediately.

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  1. Ethan Black says

    Great video, I originally was a soccer player but now I kick in football, what should I be doing during the season to get stronger? Thanks

  2. mohamed mothana says

    Great Routine, i want to ask a question, i have a son who is 8 yrs old, he is gifted as goalkeeper, do these routines prevent him from being taller in future or not? And are there routines help to lengthen boys with his age?

  3. Cowboy Bepop says

    I pulled a muscle because I didn’t stretch. Stretching is extremely important. Wish I saw this video sooner

  4. Neymar jr says


  5. Shahroz Ansari says

    brother static streching is not recommended before workout

  6. Coach Victor Freitas says

    Great video!!! Congratulations

  7. priyanshi Bhabar says

    Can you make complete workout routine for football

  8. FREE MIND MTB says

    Perfect video …I'm age 25 just starting to get back into football played alot when I was a kid perfect video helped me out loads

  9. Dersing jerry says

    Please posted before and after playing soccer game in two videos

  10. ItsMeSushi says

    What if icant touch the floor 🙁

  11. MO. AH says

    want to ask some questions, is there any more exercices because I want to develop my flexibility quickly, or this is enough?

  12. MO. AH says

    I really needed a little help from some one iam 16 and I don't know alot of exercises thank you

  13. Caitlyn Beck says

    What is Episoketren System and how does it work? I hear many people improve their soccer skills with it with this popular training program.

  14. Theo Nydes says

    Thank you. I needed some more stretches. This helped a lot. Really useful

  15. Rahul Yadav says

    this is really good.

  16. Mina Mikhael says

    Are u French just asking

  17. Manas Dhanawade says

    Is this like a cooldown?

  18. Hammad Rehman says

    like your video

  19. hockeyboi78 says

    Im doing this before soccer starts, I already start to feel better

  20. Declan Sullivan says

    I have soccer camp I did this every morning. This helped SO much!!

  21. Omar Howard says

    Hi there, have you considered Episoketren System yet? Just simply do a google search. On there you will discover a great suggestions about how you can improve your soccer skills. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it will work for you too.

  22. Exialty says

    Thank you this helped 💯

  23. Вова Тарадай says

    Good job)))

  24. Habbert Nsengiyumva says

    Thank you, it helped 👏

  25. Arnulfo Moreno says

    The talking skills need a bit more work bro

  26. Shanta Hsieh says

    You can learn more about workouts, health and bodybuildinf on Unflexal website.

  27. Burning Dinosaurs says

    Great Video! Have a good one!!

  28. Fit to Ball says

    Thanks for the stretches! Do you edit the videos yourself?

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