1. basim nadeem says

    SIDEMEN should definitely PLAY CRICKET

  2. ZK says

    Should’ve reacted to that time all the people in costumes were begging for their ball back at the cricket. Priests, pigs, bananas, and so on all pleading on the edge

  3. BLUDY says

    Sri Lankans -> come here

  4. CHERRY says

    Sidemen 2021/22 Charity Cricket Match

  5. Steven Wijaya says

    It was a big mistake 😂

  6. Apeo Met says

    That looks like Messi it's so easy to see

  7. Samarth Jhaveri says

    Every Indian will have tears in their eyes if the sidemen have a cricket match. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

  8. Samarth Jhaveri says

    Every Indian getting triggered cause the sidemen don’t like cricket lol

  9. Amy Hall says

    For someone who loves cricket I loved this video, and I doubt it would happen, but sidemen play cricket would be quite interesting to watch

  10. Greg Bydanov says

    Sidemen Cricket challenge!

  11. MrCrunchyyy says

    Ethan really been a spoil-sport disrespectful piece of shit recently huh jheeze

  12. Anonn Nymous says

    Is cricket the british version of american baseball?

  13. K Hodgo says

    Ethan made that hella unenjoyable

  14. idk what to put as my name so yeah says

    The one thing more boring than josh

  15. Sahil Advani says

    sidemen cricket is a must

  16. James Garner says

    Rugbys biggest hits?

  17. HahaLolXyz :0 says

    I dyed after they cracked up at the first clip.

  18. _Jishnu_ says

    YO! Why is Vik not in this video.

  19. Sturmflut93 says

    Imagine the Sidemen watching funniest snooker moments. If you closely watch the sport, they're really funny, but if not, it's just absolutely weird.

  20. Laila Last Name says

    React to rugby hits

  21. ScrBoy10 says

    Vik isn’t here?!

  22. Gaming with Lemonbee says

    ksi drinking his coffee: ** SLURRPPPPPPPPPP**
    nobody like literally no one: the fuckk

  23. Anish Bhawal says

    Do a reaction of best catches in cricket history, trust me it will blow you away

  24. Anish Bhawal says

    Please play cricket 🙏🙏

  25. Damien Van der Linde says

    just watch village cricket….its much better

  26. Faiaz Hossain says

    Sidemen not finding these contents funny
    Meanwhile : Some random Indians laughing their ass off after watching these contents

  27. Kumail Qasim says

    play cricket lets goooo

  28. Harry Gordon says

    I love cricket and this was dead ngl

  29. Shubhinav Dua says

    Honestly y'all have a lot of fans here in India. We would love to watch some Sidemen cricket!

  30. Shaun Halse says

    Please react to AFL biggest hits

  31. Nikhil D says

    Ethan hates cricket just bcuz his dad is playing

  32. suraj rampersad says

    we need a part 2 guys

  33. mario mc shane says

    Even no the clips where crap.the way yous reacted to them mad the video funny

  34. Yagami Asta says


  35. Bugzy says

    How about Moises watching Spotify

  36. 365 Label says

    Sideman cricket

  37. 365 Label says

    Do they know what cricket is?

  38. Aditya Lalwani says

    “I used to be a fielder” 😂😂😂😂😂😂 every player is a fielder, you’re either a batsman or a bowler

  39. my name jeff says

    The ball they play with is called cock ball

  40. Jared Alexander says

    Please do cricket

  41. MRocks says

    This was more like fails

  42. Connor Dickinson says

    Is it just me or has anybody noticed how much Ethan goes on his phone in the new sidemen videos like wow

  43. UsingWolfram says

    All that's left is for this video to be their highest viewed video

  44. BroTato Gonzalez says

    React to Bob merny

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