1. April Griffin says

    This show is boring

  2. April Griffin says

    And funny

  3. Onyesoh Promise says

    Premier league to issue fresh instructions to referee over the use of Varhttp://onlinegist.com.ng/sports/Premier-League-to-issue-fresh-instructions-to-referees-over-use-of-VAR

  4. STRANGER 007 says

    I died laughing while looking at thumbnail

  5. akaDolphy says

    Thumbnail lookin like a man with a period

  6. Karl O says

    Check this out too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUrytE-0vvY

  7. Amanda Shasha says


  8. Angel Mata says

    If you guys think this is funny go to my channel and watch the video it’s pretty funny

  9. Abdulasis Asis says


  10. AH Football says

    00:20Indian super league

  11. Sports_Arena says


  12. Sports_Arena says


  13. PRO_BRO says

    0:35 is the funniest ever.

  14. Aditya Debnath says

    0:21 Indian Super League- Jamshedpur FC vs Mumbai City FC

  15. Gaming channel says

    00:22 Indian Super League

  16. Football Adda Official says

    0:19 Indian super league

  17. so oasds FnnF says


  18. 朝ごはんプレート says

    The thumbnail did he crap his pants?

  19. MYTB says

    les gars aller tous vous abo a ma chaine mais si il y a pas de video c est normal c est que je suis entrain de faire un gros setup je compte sur vous les gars !!!!!

  20. TUBE TECH says

    0:58 lol

  21. Saykubol Channel says

    https://youtu.be/m3GT_NY9r5AFunniest football video

  22. BGD SLT GAME says

    Go in my channel

  23. GØT LORIK YT says

    Who is here for the thumbnail??????????????????????Like if you are here for the thumbnail

  24. EZ Hack says

    Are you a football fan! Check the channelhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCht7-pYXNhbyq0yjGlHEUxg

  25. Gurcharan Singh says

    Name of song at 0:10

  26. Moeen Ur Rehman says

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  27. أم محمد says

    هههههه مضحك جدا

  28. MHICO MANLOD says

    Shortcut here—————-> 10:30

  29. Samuel Roberts says

    Aa yes play with funny mol

  30. muhsin Saman says

    I'd prefer action than this slop

  31. Jamie Logan says


  32. Football Funny Reactions says

    best moment

  33. nan ahmad says

    Why did he poop his pants?????

  34. Carly Goodliffe - Temple Spa says


  35. Shihab Shihabudheen says

    Poli supar

  36. Injury time Podcast says

    subscribe for football talking points !⚽️

  37. Markus RSA says

    1:14 His friends don't even notice. Lmao!!!

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