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The video above is already spreading like something involving Justin Bieber and is being described as the greatest goal celebration ever. In it, Icelandic club Stjarnan wins in extra time off a penalty kick from Halldor Orri Bjornsson, giving the team reason to unleash a performance that involves Halldor fishing for his human fish teammate Johann Laxdal (“lax” means salmon in Icelandic). Once “caught,” the players lift up Laxdal for a fake picture and thus complete a perfectly executed and delightfully intricate goal celebration that probably took more than a little preparation.

When Halldor Orri scores a great goal he decides to go fishing and catch on his mate Johann Laxdal or Johann the salmon. The game was Stjarnan against Fylkir in the top league in Iceland and the goal was the winning goal in extra time.

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Funny Best sports celebration – soccer – football – Justin Bieber – Go Fishing Goal Reprise Icelandic club Stjarnan

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  1. Neousk2 says

    very creative hahahaha!!

  2. Big Poop says

    #5 got his ass kicked lmao

  3. Memed Priyatmoko says

    mancing maniaaaaaa

  4. February Jones says

    This was HILARIOUS

  5. usagi20009 says

    poor number 5
    this is very sad video

  6. Nainporte Qui says

    number 5, number 10, number 18 are triplets

  7. UfatmeSkinny says

    I didn't even see that coming

  8. chicagovigilante says

    Easily the best celebration ever.

  9. Matt Borromei says

    best celebration ever haha

  10. André Cortesão says

    number 5 dislike this video

  11. Squidtaro says

    Why are people hating on number 5?

  12. G7ALANISG7 says

    @ABQslcNYC523 what about number 5??

  13. G7ALANISG7 says

    hahahahha the best!

  14. Kirk Walton says


  15. Dwayne Kilbourne says

    Tell me this soccer celebration isn't funny (highlighted yesterday along with their other creative celebrations on ESPN SportsCenter)!

  16. Kornflake2013 says

    Rude? Winners right more like it.

  17. Fici says

    they dont train footbal cus looks alike they dont have to, they just train celebrations

  18. Syafiq Lukman says

    Teamwork. haha

  19. Taylor Stokes says

    that was sick.

  20. stevestizzy says

    @tompie943 it's the best and you know it … 😛

  21. Thiago Lima says

    melhor comemoração de gol que ja vi kkkkkkkkk

  22. Bernardo Clarkson says


  23. Tom van der Meer says

    Its THE most STUPID calebration in football!

  24. Ray Basanta says

    Jajajajaja es la mejor celebracion de un gol que he visto jaja.. demasiado bueno

  25. stonecutters07 says


  26. Axel Fannar says

    ísland er best! þumlar upp !!

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