1. Sico says

    Soccer is for wimps

  2. megastrahle Johnson says

    what the hell

  3. AustinGerra says

    1:13 di matteo haha

  4. SAM omarTV says

    eat my middle finger ! lol

  5. Medical Bruin says

    The guy at :58 looks like George bush

  6. Jordan Dunkley says

    1.19-1.24 lol

  7. Gnarlie says

    @reggaeboi7 ohhhh haha ok gotcha

  8. Derrick Harvey says

    @WWANxRyanxx When I put together the video, Solta O Frango by Bonde Do Role was playing in the background.

  9. Gnarlie says

    who would want to hear the rest of the song….? -.-

  10. Bill Hicks says

    George W. Bush at 00:58?

  11. Darkclops says

    you should play this video to guiles theme

  12. AL333333333 says

    @runescapian222joelol hahhahaha… not just that, the pants r so tight, the but crack is RIGHT THERE TO SEE. also, there are more homosexuals in american futbull than ever in soccer.


    Why did I watch This to the very end ? ( by the way it's not soccer ) IT'S FOOTBALL

  14. Radamel Falcao says

    1:10 – 1:13 lmaooo

  15. konshus17 says

    0:09 i always do that on fifa 11 loool

  16. manticloche says


  17. pinster112 says


    I don't think you've ever heard of a shotgun formation

  18. Alex Padrino says

    hate song !

  19. xXyasabeXx says

    From :08 to :11 is there an individual video for this celebration?

  20. jkyet says

    0:55 very dramatic

  21. ECU7 says

    @HeftigShit I think it's rape.

  22. Derrick Harvey says

    @DrFrenchFry The original song, not the current one. The original is in the description.

  23. Brendan Wohlgemuth says

    Who would want to listen to the rest of the song?

  24. Caleb Goeser says

    Thumbs up if you like soccer/football?

  25. Piano Man says

    1:21 Kingstonian FC
    Of all teams to appear on this video…

  26. viewtfuljoe6 says

    @runescapian222joelol your name has runescape in it. your argument is invalid

  27. Calvin Kuo says

    That is weird!

  28. Str8UPKr4zY says

    @runescapian222joelol ok and making out with somebody for making a goal is any better? i mean fuck half of these there kissing and grabbing each other, cmon man use a little common sence

  29. Str8UPKr4zY says

    @reggaeboi7 haha i got paid by them too cept i got 40, but still all the songs suck

  30. andresisthename says

    @1986Denmark disagree, he is a turd!

  31. andresisthename says

    @K4GE05 I think you are the dumb fuck, just listen to yourself, you can't even keep the anti-American hatred away not even in an argument about Soccer, you sored loser, If you people are so pasionate about us then you know where to find us, until then we'll be Americans!

  32. andresisthename says

    @1986Denmark Here in America, where we don't care what you Europeans call things, we call it Soccer!

  33. RafaMarquez4100 says

    @HarryNCFCgreen amen to that buddy

  34. Tortuga510 says

    @HarryNCFCgreen ahahahaha good one

  35. FreestylePort says

    0:10 RAGGDOLL ACTIVATED sauhahaha

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