Game Compilations Compilation Vol. 2 – Scott The Woz


Scott tries not to start a fire again.


Music Used:
“Music Player/Leaderboards” from Mega Man Legacy Collection
“Main Menu” from NES Remix
“Options/Extras” from Sonic Mega Collection
“Games” from Sonic Gems Collection
“Title Screen” from Sonic Gems Collection
“Main Menu” from Sonic Gems Collection
“Games/Manuals” from Sonic Mega Collection
“Main Menu” from Sonic Mega Collection
“Sonic World” from Sonic Jam
“Retro Dreams” from Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection
“Hyrule Field” from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
“World 1 (Rally-X Remix” from Namco Museum Remix/Namco Museum Megamix
“Main Menu” from Pac-Man Collection (GBA)
“Main Menu” from Namco Museum Remix/Namco Museum Megamix
“World 2 (Pac ‘N Roll Remix)” from Namco Museum Remix/Namco Museum Megamix
“Stage 1,2” from Ghosts ‘N Goblins (Arcade)
“Stage Theme” from BurgerTime (NES)
“Main Theme” from Bubble Bobble (Arcade)
“Fuse Man Stage” from Mega Man 11
“Main Menu” from Atari Greatest Hits Volume 1 and Volume 2 (DS)
“Trivia Game” from Atari Greatest Hits Volume 1
“Title Screen” from NES Remix 2
“Credits” from Sonic Mega Collection
“Toxic Caves” from Sonic Spinball
“Breakout” from 3D Dot Game Heroes

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  1. Lukas Panteli says

    8:51 these are three of the most beloved games of all time and Zelda 2

  2. Sean O'Brien Plays says

    I got an ad that I didn't wanna skip. Why can't everyone get cool ads like a Crash 4 trailer?

  3. Sean O'Brien Plays says

    Scott hit 1Mil? Cool. He deserves it. Funny guy making funny videos on interesting video game related topics.

  4. Colleen Glanville says

    Scott: You know, there's a neat thing that happens whenever I talk about game compilations, my house catches on fire.shows Scott's house on fireScott: It happened once before, it's practically a tradition at this point.Maybe that's why you had to make two parts for this video lol! ???

  5. Colleen Glanville says

    "Gems Collection Also Includes A Handful Of Sonic Games For The Game Gear. Whoa."I don't know why, but I laughed so hard lol! ???

  6. Colleen Glanville says

    "It's Where They Don't Count These As Actual Additions To The Collection And Just Label Them As Extras, And Where People Got P*ssed At SEGA Calling Game Gear Games "Real Games."SEGA: They're bonuses! They're bonuses!!Lol! ???

  7. Colleen Glanville says

    "If You Buy A GameCube We'll Give You Something To Do With It."-Nintendo

  8. Colleen Glanville says

    "F*cking Pac-Man Is F*cking Pac-Man."-Scott the Woz

  9. Colleen Glanville says

    Scott: Oh man, let's check out interviews with Root Beer Tapper…"No Interview Available For This Game."Scott: Oh…That's actually kind of disappointing, but at the same time I couldn't help but laugh lol! ???

  10. Colleen Glanville says

    Scott: At least Taito has more of a recognizable legacy with Space Invaders and Bubble Bobble.the Bubble Bobble theme starts playingThe Completionest: internally crying

  11. Colleen Glanville says

    Scott: As a big fan I should go to their website,*screaming* one.I don't know why, but that just killed me lol! ???

  12. Colleen Glanville says

    Scott: I did it. I talked about game completions without committing arson, I'm cured. I'm more than just my addiction, I will never cause another fire ever again, time to celebrate.shows the fire extinguisher in the toiletI might keep that just in case lol! ???I'd laugh if a fire happened while he said that though lol! ???

  13. Colby Hunter says

    Just wait until he puts both Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 into one video to make it ironic

  14. Talking Satelite dish says


  15. Ideitbawx Productions says

    "who gives a shit about Data East games?"Trio The Punch: i aM JoKe tO yOu?

  16. TheVividKiWi says

    Scott is the best

  17. Jase Mills says

    make another one because namco museum archive 1 and 2 came out.

  18. Lily Moxie says

    Damn, no mention of Atari Vault in the Atari section? That's easily one of the biggest game compilations I've seen, there's like 100 games on it.

  19. Jcohenstudios/ Project Sketchbook says

    Somebody help me what is the game at 20:27 I remember playing it so long ago but I never found out what it’s name was.

  20. Bloodhunt idk what to put here so yeah says

    Now why didn't he do megaman zero Zx legacy as well

  21. Adam Shiflett says

    I didnt know you was from Ohio. So am I. Love this channel and have watched about 20 of your videos past couple days haha

  22. SidKidz Parody says

    When I saw Namco museum I thought it said communism

  23. Nick Shermer says

    I like the book entitled "90's fashion, an apology" at about 7:05

  24. OK obiedat says

    Sometimes I wish I lived in a time when sonic crackers is the most popular game

  25. Donald Baird says

    Can u do a video on more modern video game compilations?

  26. Cole Hoffman says

    What's your favorite Pac-Man ghost mines Clyde :me mine is kinky :friend get the f*** out of my house

  27. Hypernova Gaming Station says

    Hey Scott the same thing happened to me with Xenoblade Chronicles. Bought it once for $40 and the same day I bought it I went to GameStop with friends and saw like 3 for $20.

  28. the hunterator says

    If you want to play sonic 3 and knuckles on the genesis classics, it is available on the steam release

  29. Zach Brown says

    plot twist: scott is sammyclassicsonicfan

  30. Weaboo_genji says

    I'm disappointed it took scott until now to hit 1 million, hes hilarious

  31. Marcella Glazener says

    Wait you're talking about the same thing so shouldn't the universe glitching out

  32. StormTrooperAim says

    11:01 Wait “Kinky The Ghost” was a real thing!?

  33. 329link says

    Make a third one and we can make a compilation of the compilations of the compilations.

  34. Thunder SP says

    The test: 1 questionThe question 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 1e, etc.The teacher: 3:32

  35. drewdog says


  36. 8-Bit Gabe says


  37. Jkeirejej Hehehehe says

    Scott plays shovel knight?He has good taste.

  38. Parker Jameson says

    This is the best vol. 2 since Kill Bill and Guardians of the Galaxy

  39. N64lover Yt says

    I was the 999k viewer

  40. Grey Fox says

    a few views later another 1 million viewed video

  41. Jody Barker says

    20:43 Watch it! Mike Matei might throw a temper tantrum over that comment my dude.

  42. Drew Sterling says

    ok wth, why was the entirety of midway arcade treasures 1's menu in comic sans

  43. Sal Capone says


  44. eat your cereal says

    Midway arcade treasures has comic sans font on papyrus paper. Let that sink in

  45. Strike Boy says

    Ok I’m late but YAY 1MIL

  46. Cryprism says

    So guys we did it, Scott reached 1.000.000 subscribers

  47. Keagenator 2000 says

    Man 2 videos on game compilations? Need a video compilation so I don’t need watch both

  48. BlacRoseKora says

    I can’t with Scott oml ?

  49. The edgiest edge lord to ever edge says

    Where is nes remix

  50. Doop says

    I didn't even play Gems Collection for Sonic CD. I was so siked about Sonic the Fighters. I was a Tekken kid at the time so seeing Sonic and his friends in a fighting game was the fucking dream. Played the shit out of that one. Vectorman was cool too

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