1. TheMCzorro says

    There's a lot of missed shit. For example, a little bit of very natural Dan rage while encountering a blue Fokka in episode 21 or 22 or when Dan GOT THE CHILD!!!

  2. Unusual Crow says

    I always thought that boomerang guy with the tusks was a dog man.

  3. Firstname Lastname says


  4. robert thomas says

    I also like to call this arins coughing series

  5. Frankenstec says

    seriously, did Arin steal Jon's laugh/coughing fits after he left?

  6. Vej says

    Vegeta kills Frieza

  7. Sadpants McGee says

    Dudebros, the Goriya definitely doesn't have tusks.  That actually IS a Fu Manchu.

  8. Revidescent84 says

    They're NOT old kung fu master mustaches?!MY LIFE IS A LIE. ._.

  9. Sam Ryba says

    You make the best "best of game grumps" EVER!!!!!? ?

  10. T.J. Thornberry says

    Huh, I thought this would be longer. Still a good comp, though!

  11. The Hero of Goats says

    I'm not critisising, but were there really no more than ten minutes of fun from this quite long series?

  12. Max G says


  13. JamesOhGoodie says

    Can I just compliment your use of the Player's Guide art?  I used to have that guide!  Man that takes me back…

  14. Prince Black Elf says

    actually, it would seem judging by the illustrations that those are actually whiskers and NOT tusks

  15. DiZZAYE says

    ahh the episode when Arin finally mentions Jon

  16. Jan Paulsson says

    3.12 …. that is actualy a mustache… even the zelda 2 manual makes it clear that it does not have tusks.. and later art for the enemy has a clear mustache.

  17. GlobalRyot says

    Woo first.  Also, fricking awesome.

  18. Tony Baker says

    Keep it up Man

  19. The Kid with the Thumbs Up says

    Thank youse for the upload, Tal.

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