1. Nicolas Loizeau says

    Make your own GOL logic circuits : https://github.com/nicolasloizeau/guigl

  2. Melissa York says

    what just happened

  3. TC Lapos says

    now make one that builds itself

  4. KfkFod says

    they look like termites

  5. hungafricanchild says

    What if cgol in cgol

  6. SaveState Coding says

    VirtualBox v0

  7. Aidan Silke says

    can it run doom tho?

  8. Broken GBA X says

    But what does it run? That's what I wonder for pcs in games

  9. spongeintheshoe says

    It's like seeing microbes evolve into a complex organism.

  10. Attila Varga says

    This is how DNA works, it would be impressive to see the seed that generates it.

  11. Артём Коноплёв says

    Прикольная хреновина.

  12. Yusril Atfan says

    touches computerOh no

  13. Liam Roche says


  14. CRITICAL HIT! says

    What it is doing right now?

  15. Yash Pal Goyal says

    how much time it took to do it all??

  16. randOmmm says

    This is awesome.. would love to see the printer stream gliders of the bits to create a paper trail so to speak, or draw expanding Pascal’s triangle.⚡️Next level challenge.. implement “Life” in same manner by creating a program block which “reads” the proximal neighbors and behaves accordingly… it doesn’t have to die, just display in its center it’s own state, so that zoomed out it all reads as a working game board.

  17. iñaki bolivar says

    This is fucking unbelievable

  18. OHM-968692 says

    That's pretty amazing! A great example of emergence.

  19. Цыганок Максим says

    You are fucking crazy

  20. Joshua Underwood says

    That is absolutely amazing

  21. Random Chicken says


  22. Xristos S. says

    But…can it run crysis…remastered?

  23. comicsansgreenkirby says

    Is there a file for this (GOLLY, or even in that program you linked)?

  24. Victor Arellano Peña says

    Somebody: Removes a pixelOther pixels: In terms of pixels we dont have pixels

  25. Mihai Fumarel says

    The line between genius and madness is further blurred

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