Game Theory: How A Knife Can Win A Gun Fight! (Warface: Breakout)


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Breakout is available now on PS4 and Xbox One:
It’s time to get tactical!

While playing through the new Warface: Breakout game, I got super interested in figuring out what the best weapon was in the game. So I set out to find which weapon would do the most damage and help you win. The answer is SHOCKING! Has anyone ever told you to never bring a knife to a gun fight? Well Theorists, they were WRONG! I’m about to prove that is EXACTLY what you should do… in a video game! Please don’t get in dangerous fights, Theorists.

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick and Dan “Cybert” Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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  1. Daniel López-Moya says

    “Grandma’s Knitting Needles,” God matpat really does have some of the best game design ideas.

  2. Dre Berry says

    Its pronounced ku-ram-bit

  3. Cpt. Mystic Stirling: Meme Edition says

    So nailguns work?

  4. Paul says

    A medieval Rondel dagger was just that, a long spike to poke in the gaps of armour.

  5. griffin tallen says


  6. AWOL DTA says

    @9:54 That's not how AP rounds work at all… It's the core of the projectile that is made of denser metal, not the tip… and the casing doesn't travel with the projectile either unless you're throwing it. Do you even operate bro?

  7. Ofelia Vega says

    Valorent sucks thats a fack

  8. Gaming Evolved says

    cough meet the spy cough

  9. Alex Awm says

    The spy from team fortress 2

  10. Meen says

    Polly Gray entered the chat

  11. Void Man says

    Spy TF2 Wants to Know your Location.

  12. Foundation of Law and Government says

    Grandma is new John wick lol.

  13. Ed says

    Grandma needle

  14. Ben Bayne-Davies says

    Oh god, he likes tic tok

  15. Ben Bayne-Davies says

    Why didn’t he even mention the halo armor video?

  16. BL4ZE DEMON says

    This warface is a rip off of the og warface which is free

  17. 30secondsoflaffs says

    2:31 me too

  18. Lowlife 13 says

    So the deadliest weapon is the hellsing form Merto?

  19. Jack Kujawa says

    If there are knitting needles in the game I will be a walking advertisement

  20. J03yguns51 says


  21. J.J.DoeArt says

    I don't need gran's knitting needles, I have my own- pulls out knitting needles with a maniac grin Don't underestimate the power of the knitting needles-

  22. Megan Elizabeth says

    this reminds me of how chain mail only protected against the slashing of many sword styles, but didn't protect against jabbing/stabbing weapons or fighting styles

  23. Tadhg O Connell Shelley says

    I think that butterfly knives are the hardest to use

  24. Wanye says

    Lol he actually came up with an acronym for "P. E. W. P. E. W"?

  25. Dark Stark says

    If he Devs fix the game ,it'll be the next csgo

  26. themoonhunter says

    Not by dancing with it in front of the gun guy, That is for sure…

  27. SNAKE VIBER says

    New idea: sharp bullets

  28. The Burger Guy says

    CS:GO players: You have no powers here

  29. ETRG Stryker says

    Matpat:SWAT use armor that protect from handguns there biggest threatAegis unit:laughs in using heavy duty armor that protects against leg cause aegis units are SWAT units in entry point

  30. Wow MAN says

    Warface breakout < Rainbow Six Siege

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