Game Theory: You Give Them Life (Hello Puppets Scary VR Game)


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As a fan of scary indie games, I like to investigate new ones that pop up. So today we are not talking even more FNAF, but making the switch from animatronics to puppets with the game Hello Puppets! This VR game has a lot hiding beneath the surface. Today, I want to discuss the bit twist involving your best puppet friend in the game, Scout. You see, Scout may just be the most dangerous thing for the player in the game. How? Well Theorists, sit back and enjoy the puppet show.

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Writers: Stephanie Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Danial “BanditRants” Keristoufi, Tyler Mascola, Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  1. Alexander Martens says

    "If I had a nickel for every time I've been doomed by a puppet, I'd have two nickels! Which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice." – Heinz Doofenshmirtz,

  2. Berry Drarry says

    Is the play through that’s happening on screen from a Wolf in VR?

  3. Tatsumi 2juan says

    Who else came here from Eddie Vr’s last video of Hello Puppets

  4. bijoy banerjee says

    Hero brine is backSaw him yesterday Pin me for info h2findhim

  5. Luis Mejia says

    That's crazy cause Link has triforce symbol on the top of his left hand. Sort of like the Illuminati tattoo on Morty's (burp) hand.

  6. UltraEvan Rodrigues says


  7. The robloxian terraria Gamer says

    Eddie vr plays hello puppets

  8. GlitchyMelon [Megan Thien] says

    Game: Hello PuppetsYoutube: No no, it's Fnaf-


    Do a red matter vr theory pls

  10. _blood moon_ says

    Ruining my childhood-

  11. Cyphers F O U R says

    wait what happens if you take all the puppets

  12. Ayden Wilson says

    Wait then what happens when you use all of them

  13. Ayden Wilson says

    Does it just refill or does something else happen

  14. Joshua Clark says


  15. Nightingale says

    What if you tried playing the game over and over until there are no more puppets to select from? After finishing it for the last time, would it start again with all the puppets to choose from, or perhaps something else?

  16. BLAZE .3 says

    What if you play the game 5 times and there is no more puppets so does the game continue with resetting the puppets or does something else happen?

  17. DialgaDiamond Gaming 20202020 says

    In Hello Puppets,when you select a puppet from Mortimer, do those five puppets have the same name “Scout” or do they have individual names for each puppet?

  18. Natalie Myers says

    So what happens when you keep using the puppets until there are none left?

  19. The Gaming channel says

    This might be creepy but I like puppets they are cute

  20. LionFish Gaming says

    I think it’s just an English thing to pour the milk in before the hot water

  21. Fawn the deer says

    Mat: more people should play thisMe because I loved seeing super horror bro playing the game: * tells my friends to spam this to the people*

  22. Christian Garrett says

    What if you play through all 5 times and use all 5 puppets? Does the ending change??

  23. Ren C says

    But what if you keep playing until you're out of puppets?

  24. FoxPlayss says

    this is BiG BrAiN

  25. Christine Lira says

    The man looks like he was choked

  26. That One Catto says

    I’m British the tea goes first they were correct but they should of put lucozade and weed instead like a roadman

  27. SNAKE VIBER says

    Finish it 5 times I guess?

  28. Connor Mossman says

    What would happen if you do 5 Playthroughs in a row?

  29. MrMasterGamer 0 says

    What happens when you play it over enough that there isn’t any puppets left?

  30. screenslayer 98 says

    What if something happens when you use all the scouts

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