Genshin Impact Dynamic Music | A Day in Mondstadt


“Eppur si muove”
The celestial bodies climb high into the sky, then disappear beneath the horizon… the traveler rests a while before once again pressing on with their long journey.
All the while, the peaceful days in Mondstadt continue as ever.

The Wind and The Star Traveler (Full Version):

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  1. Alexander George says

    Can't wait to play this game??Well i'm from Malaysia i hope this game can be released faster in Malaysia

  2. Tiến Cò says

    bản trên pc hay mobile ra trước

  3. Cậu muỗi FF says

    Góp ý chút nên cho thêm chức năng giao dịch giữa các người chơi

  4. IanM AnimatesALT says

    Plsss I rlly want to play thisss

  5. Kaneki says

    Release date is before October XD

  6. bo Orange says

    The game will open in China in September

  7. el pana sans says

    Saldra en play store antes de octubre no? Que emocion

  8. KaizokuGari says


  9. supreem ss says

    Is it online only?

  10. WhatsHappening783402 says

    That right there makes me want to buy the game

  11. wherearetheavocados s says

    Actually proud how far Mihoyo has come

  12. WOOD MINER says

    the closet i’ll ever have to botw 2 ;-;

  13. Ereffein says

    Ayy I hope my phone can handle this game .

  14. Julio says

    algun dia saldra el juego

  15. Mannequins Virtuels says

    2.58 c'est quoi le titre ? super musique merciii !

  16. ตู่คุง says


  17. Rakan Alvaro says

    Why (if u choose girl mc) male mc turns bad?

  18. nogame nolive says

    Hum how to get "verivication code?

  19. Gaming says

    When will the game be available to download?

  20. Choon Zeng says

    Cmon release the open beta already xD

  21. CreeperPizza12 says

    I love the soundtrack for this game. I got in the second beta I believe and absolutely loved it can't wait for full release.

  22. Nobody says


  23. Rabbriken says

    Well.. Hope my phone is compatible If it doesn't im gonna kill my self …(just kidding) just being sad.

  24. bubble Gum says

    Whats the requirement for smart phone for people who playing it right now?

  25. Nguyen Nam says

    bao giờ game ra vậy

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