Get EA Play with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate & Xbox Game Pass for PC this Holiday


This holiday, get EA Play with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Game Pass for PC for no additional cost.

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  1. Jaser time Boi says

    if i have xbox one S and ultimate will i still get ea play???

  2. Mehmet Erdoğan says


  3. LOSO BANKS says

    Next friday series x will be in my hands 👐 thank god i was able to preorder my series x at game stop i was outside from 8am to 11pm i waited 3 hours for my best friend 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💵🔥💵🔥🔥💵🔥💵NOVEMBER 10 EA ACCESS INCLUDED WITH GAME PASS🎮FOR 1$ THAT'S INSANE BETTER VALUE FOR THE MONEY

  4. Dz Gaming says

    I dont like this 😶😑

  5. Dakota Hoffman says

    Will ea play for gamepass be on xbox one too

  6. Young says

    I like how Apex was in the middle of the screen

  7. ItsBeyond says

    How do i claim it i already have gampas

  8. david mackie says

    i just got ea play for free right now idk why

  9. Enes Yetkin says

    Will FIFA 21 be added on it?

  10. Leonardo Vallejo says

    So… Xbox series x + game pass (xbox game studios + Bethesda +EA) ?
    Ok, xbox win this fight

  11. Banjaxed Pictures says

    I can't wait,gonna play battlefront 2,pvz battle for neighborvile,dead space and titanfall 2,looks amazing

  12. Horizon Zero says

    still waiting for new gamepass trailer with bethesda games in it.

  13. Anonymous Black says

    Who remembers the original Xbox? That has so much nostalgia. I remember the first game I ever played on Xbox was "Red Dead: Revolver."

  14. Bailey says

    where do i get it free from?

  15. Mikale Smith says

    Can't wait

  16. Friendly Salad says

    whast this song

  17. Dz Gaming says

    Fifa 21 on game pass ?

  18. Călin Șanta says


  19. wardedbog says

    I have gamepass how do I get the ea games tho I can’t find them in gamepass. Or are they not in gamepass yet?

  20. Slipdash says

    Finally, I can play doom without convincing my parents to buy it 🙂

  21. MRPCTV764 says

    EA: This game will cost 59.99 USD Dollars
    Xbox: nope

  22. hotdog11x gaming says

    Can't wait to play dead space games again nice xbox 🥰 keep getting better very time Microsoft thanks

  23. Black Bear says

    What about the old school Madden like from the first xbox & xbox 360

  24. Gaming Groovy says

    Will this be for limited time or like for long term?

  25. Loli Ballester Senent says

    someone want to plaay with me to gwz 3? omg YEEEEEEEEEEEEES THANKS XBOX

  26. Wormy Boi says

    Next: Microsoft buys EA

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