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I filmed a GET IT ALL DONE video today! Lot’s of food content. Cooking, baking etc! #mennonitemomlife

☕️Maple Latte:


Potatoes from Traeger:

Smothered Chicken :
Marinade Chicken in Zesty Italian dressing.
grill the chicken until almost done, preferably.
use honey mustard dressing and smother the chicken with it when it’s done cooking. Put in pan, make sure it’s saucy enough and then add mozzarella cheese on top and sprinkle bacon bits over it. Then return to oven until it’s melted.

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  1. Deaf Soda says

    Oh my goodness I haven't made that potatoes in a really long time I'm glad you reminded me

  2. C Charsley says

    Hi Lynette I love watching videos when your cooking, you always have yummy food. Your smashed potatoes looked delicious 🤗 Cheers Claudia 🇦🇺

  3. Servant Warrior says

    We have a discount grocery in our city that sells close dated or expired groceries, I believe run by Amish ot Mennonites. They also sell Walnut Creek products. I am pretty sure their deli is Walnut Creek products as well.

    Also, I have owned two of those IKEA high chairs – we had five little girls within 6 years so we had a lot of overlapping high chair usage. They are SO easy to clean.

  4. Mary Frances Ahern says

    Lynette, what is it that you are spraying into the pot of boiling potatoes? Cooking spray? Why do you do that? What does it do? Love your videos 😁

  5. Marj Nussby says

    Love the potatoes. Where are the boys? Maybe I

  6. patty bowers says

    After watching a video from this summer at Walnut Creek Food, I was inspired to go to their website and ordered dried herbs and spices in bulk. I’ve made homemade pizza with the Pizza Spices….yum! I will continue to order. And….received them very quickly. I live in Pennsylvania. Thanks so much and God bless!

  7. corki pollock says

    Well, the food looked amazing ❤️. And, those muffins and Oaklyn are the cutest things I have seen in a long time❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍

  8. Candice Mast says

    Your baby's high chair looks so cute! Btw, I always love the music in your videos!

  9. kim meeks says

    Love visiting Yoders! Live near Orlando, and I love your channel.

  10. Kelly Ferrara says

    Really liked this video, can’t wait to try it😋

  11. C.E. says

    Dear Lynette, you're such a precious soul. I love each and every video you make. Thank you for being a part of my life. I don't want to miss you. Be blessed, all of you.

  12. lou Reiff says

    Did you make your dress? I got material like that can't wait to make it, yep I found out grilling chicken and other meats just let it a tad undone and put it in the kettle with a lid on and it will finish up in there oh, I love those potatoes I didn't make them in a long time though

  13. Jan Jentz says

    Everything you made looks so delicious. I am now officially hungry. Looking forward to trying your recipes. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Carolyn Pennell says

    Great video Everything looks delicious!

  15. Alma Salazar says

    Saludos from Central Cali…🙏

  16. Alma Salazar says

    Love all of your content🤗🙋

  17. The Brod Abode Deb Brod says

    Just love you to pieces girl! Thank you and God’s blessings. xoxTX

  18. Brenda Chandler says

    Your videos are so relaxing to watch and your recipes are always so delicious and easy to make!

  19. Blue Rain says

    So down to earth…luv ur personality n ur videos..I tried one of ur things n turn out great..keep up the good work

  20. cailo90 says

    Lynette, get a Bialetti stovetop espresso maker! So easy to use and clean, and inexpensive. That’s how I made my daily coffee everyday for years.

  21. Fran Ricardo-Demianczyk says

    Everything looked so yummy Lyn!!! Thank you for sharing the recipes! Oaklynn is so sweet and growing up too fast 😘❤️❌⭕️🙏🏻🍁🍂

  22. Suzanne Vigil says

    Such wonderful recipes. The muffins look go yummy. God bless.

  23. Muhammad Waqas says

    Hey, Your channel is really great. Get a website for your channel and EARN double triple with your work. I can help you to make a website…… 100% Money making idea

  24. Tonya Hill says

    I really love your channel, the wholesomeness of your family… I also love when you would mix devotionals along with the cooking and your daily routine… I have 3 girls and 10 + 2 on the way, they truly are a blessing.

  25. Bren Vanbuskirk says

    Always love the Yoders.. I met many fine ones thru the years some Amish.. Some Mennonite..but good solid people

  26. Marge Midure says

    You have happy children.

  27. Joanna Sikola says

    Love your videos. I definitely want to try those smashed potatoes. They looked really yummy. Thanks for sharing. 🍂🍃🍁

  28. Angies Simple Life says

    The high chair is so cute and the food looked delicious

  29. Debbie Miller says

    Thank you Lynette for the great recipes , great video!

  30. Cathleen Weaver says

    I know you've been buying Walnut Creek items for quite a while and having them sponsor you and your channel is such a testament to your real and honest channel. So great for you and your young family ❤💚💜💙💛

  31. Becs 1226 says

    LOVE that market and restaurant!

  32. Brianna Martin says

    Did you make the dress you are wearing? It is so pretty! I love the color too! We live in Ohio and have been to Holmes county and loveeee it! Walnut Creek cheese is basically the best ever haha!

  33. Debbie Learn says

    Oakland has a sweet smile. Everything looked yummy.

  34. Trinetteblue says

    Hey Lynette, Love your videos I always learn so much from your videos. I love Yoder's market and restaurant, I go there when I can't get to Detwiler's.

  35. AMB 89 says

    Absolutely love your recipes Lynette!
    And your decor and home improvements!
    Keep up the amazing work, your a wonderful mother & wife ❤️❤️

  36. Linda Lorton says

    Lynette, you are just the best cook and have the best recipes to share with us!
    I plan to make all of them. Thank you!
    Loved your high chair makeover! Looks like new! These videos are such a favorite!🌻🍁🍂

  37. willothewispl says

    Oh, those potatoes. Will have to try those. That highchair looked so much nicer. Never would have thought about covering the legs. My son had a kickboard for his little legs also. 👶🏻

  38. Erika Vallance says

    Glad you tried out the fritter I've been wanting to get one too!☕

  39. Graceful Living says

    Another perfect video. You always do such an amazing job. All of your food looked amazing. My family loves the smashed potatoes too. Also, Can I just say I always think you looks absolutely adorable in your little belts. ♥️

  40. Marybeth Duke says

    You're almost at 100,000 subscribers! Whoo hoo! Love that dress you were wearing! Neat what you did with the high chair!

  41. Nadene Cooper says

    The food looks very good.

  42. Amy McCrary says

    Wow the muffins look like they came from a bakery. Great job!

  43. Sandra Willoughby says

    Everything looks so delicious! Those potatoes could be a meal by themselves! Will definitely try these recipes. I love anything pumpkin! Oh by the way I love your dress, very pretty.😊

  44. crowdedisolation says

    great video, Lynette. Oaklynn is so cute. You must be so in love with her. Enjoy her. They change so fast.

  45. Lynn Marie Allen says

    Lynette your too cute! Your videos are so nice and I really enjoy them🙏
    The frother is great for mixing creamer into your cold brew coffees
    The strong coffee is all I do- chill over night with your milk of choice & monk fruit sweetner

  46. susie Blackman says

    Going to try the smashed potatoes..So excited, your just about got 100,000 subscribers. Great video.

  47. Beverly Murray says

    Good to see you!

  48. Tami Cosby says

    I love the market there ! best pickles yummy ! I wish I were there today ugh….soon soon !

  49. Francine Hogsett says


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