1. Charlottte Smithh says

    How the hell did I end up here

  2. emqiream says

    "what's up I'm Noah beck"

  3. Stepik Vrba says

    I’m here when Noah hit over 9 mil. on TikTok!

  4. Gabbie says

    I swear this is only on my recommended because of him

  5. May Pearl says

    His hair just magically transforms in his tiktoker wth

  6. May Pearl says

    This is THE Noah Beck we’re talking abt okay.

  7. Nogget says

    i thought he’d be hotter

  8. Sophia Tran says

    I knew recognized him from somewhere besides tiktok

  9. Joa J says

    Why is this on my recommended……I mean ain’t no complaints-

  10. grande loves says

    first word that comes to mind….. DADDY……. 0:08

  11. sen`π says

    I don't understand why this is in my recommendations..

  12. HeyitsTay Marie says

    He looks like a chad in this video

  13. Clementine DiCaprio says

    What the f is going on with his brows! Kinda scary looking. Plus he has a joker mouth

  14. K a i d y n says

    this is the only man that I will ever simp over .?

  15. Milla Frlan says


  16. Mjk says

    Who is watching this when he is famouse

  17. Amy Montoya says

    And now his a tik toker but not for long

  18. Clover Knauff says

    omg this is before tik tok

  19. ivette huerta says

    that haircut was just NOT IT LMFAO

  20. ivette huerta says

    oml he's so cute

  21. Cutie Avocado says

    Anyone in July 2020 after he’s tik tok famous?

  22. mintymiranda says

    He stopped his soccer career for tik tok!? when it’s getting ready to be banned in the US ?

  23. bhavana does stuff says

    why tf is this getting recommended to me now?

  24. sophie doge says

    He still looks the same

  25. Esmeralda .k. says

    lmao this was on my recommended and when i saw noah beck i was like "wtf IS NOAH FRIGGIN BECKKKKK" i laughed so hard i CRIEDD

  26. Nolimit HOF says

    Why this pop up in my recommend

  27. krislynn brown says

    so that's where the "what's up i'm noah beck" came frommmmm

  28. andrew says

    so this the kid that mandi is crushing on

  29. Daraney Chhayrath says

    very happy this came up in my recommendations

  30. Avanisxclowns says

    “Wassup I’m noah beck”

  31. Melissa Monte says

    This on my recommend and i am not mad

  32. veganesra says


  33. kate soup says

    this was on my recommended … what?

  34. misaki yonemura says

    You’re telling me he goes to college an hour away from me ?

  35. Abby Cole says


  36. mary rose says

    how did this end up in my recommendation…like all I watch is the kardasians

  37. Isabelle Arguelles says

    damn this was only 9 months ago

  38. Damar Ebanks says

    His lips so small in this

  39. Aaliyah Tacdol says

    This was in my recommendations not mad

  40. Alexa Cervantes says


  41. Caoimhe Higgins says

    July 2020 who??

  42. Rocco The Pup says


  43. Oletta Dlamini says

    why was this recommended to me? not that I'm mad or anything ?

  44. Katie says

    Huh interesting

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