1. Ninja KIller says

  2. cromy says


  3. Matty Matess says

    Good video ?

  4. Fares Ahmed says

    i AK_ Fares Nenja??

  5. SaENz NitfrOs says

    Can you play with ancient plss

  6. Ștefan Kiss says

    You want to play together? My name in the Creative Distruction is Stefanacum.

  7. algis imala says


  8. II Gourming II says

    I sign up for the tournament (I want diamonds)

  9. Mohamed Adel says

    I was ToRNaDo that you killed i was so happy

  10. Mohamed Adel says

    Notlsd please read my commentWhen you make the tourtament there is more players have more diamonds and play in tournament whhhhy we dont have diamond so we play to get some but they are have more so why…. plaease next tourtment if you saw any one have flex pass or Diamonds Skin please Remove him or make him spectateThanks For Reading?

  11. Mohamed Adel says

    علي فكرة يانوتلسد هوا اسمو داعشي مش دعاسي

  12. X7 FC says


  13. TK EglinX says

    Mira way you are the best el Mejor

  14. C. D. fUnNi MoMeNtS says

    Can you give me 300 diamants my name is ygggggg

  15. 200IQ Designer says

    13:31 woow

  16. TK EglinX says

    Mucho streaming snipers WTF

  17. Clau- DeeL says

    Good luck bro…my friend is in your team and you need luck because you have a lot of noobs in your team ??

  18. Clau- DeeL says

    If you want a 1v1 or to play toghether i'm here for you my men…LGDS_Claudiu ?❤

  19. Holest _ says

    Când faci live eu sunt Cristi Hd daca mă mai tii minte eram de mult

  20. Jethemo says

    Salut framiu!?

  21. Cobra -‏كوبرا says

    انت مسلم او مسيحي

  22. •Max• 15 says

    Hey people Can you tell me youUserNameFor this game

  23. REGG1E CD says

    Um is it for mobile too cuz we GOATED on the lgs iphone Samsung's in all that frfr Anybody down to play inv me tmmr R£GG1£

  24. Yadiel Tejeda says

    If you want, Add me Xx_MrClutch_xX (you don't have to)

  25. Clown The Noob says

    Can you give a diamond please my name is kaung111

  26. NotLΣD says

    1:36:44, 2:35:00 Enjoy 😀

  27. CAPTAIN CLAW says

    Can you support my channel plz ?

  28. CD EpicMoments says

    Your a bum

  29. Rashonda Jones says

    You been butter

  30. Stackx says

    nice u good

  31. Flow Robin says

    Youre low-key trash compared to @Fliq Hey this is not hate okay

  32. Rahat Vanjari says

    You are best player in world

  33. BsXClash of clan Gaming says

    You really good at this game

  34. zarTek fortnite says

    Give me my

  35. Chris Martinez says

    lol you call him a bot he got mad

  36. Arjun Panthi says

    Have u done tournament

  37. Aaden Pacheco says

    Show off

  38. chris issac says

    Getting stream sniped that much could make a tfue

  39. Daniel Colerangle says

    He killed the real nike

  40. NAKEME R.I.P Kobe says

    Bru was this dude Actually was camping ⛺️

  41. shomari God says

    Notlsb can you give me 5867 diamonds my name is shomarigod

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