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Hellow fellow Simmers! I want to show you guys what it looks like to having a triple rare items for your fashion! since mostly we only get one. Check it out! 😀

How does it work?
Fashion designer Izzy Fabulous is your forward-thinking style guru. Whether you’re aiming for dazzling or dapper, Izzy has what you need.

How do you get there?
Go to small trailer with Izzy’s pink hair on the Parkside section of the game’s map, or on the last tab of the Store by tapping on the dress icon that says Fashion Shop.

What can you get?
Create a Sim items with dazzling colors, style, holiday apparel, and even superhero attire. All items are given at random.

All designs have:

A clothing type and color option

This decides what you get and what color it will be.
Available Create a Sim items can be Tops, Bottoms, Full Body outfits, or Bracelets.
Dazzling visual effects

This decides the visual effect your Sim will have while wearing the Create a Sim item.
Visual effects are things like Sparkles, Halos, and Electric Bolts.
Trait Boosts

This decides the Trait Boost your Sim may have while wearing the Create a Sim item.
Trait Boosts enhance existing Traits for your Sim. If your Sim has the Flirty Trait already, an item with a Flirty Boost will make the original trait even more powerful. If your Sim does not have the corresponding trait associated with an item, they will not get the Boost — but they can still rock the item!

You can claim the Create a Sim item that Izzy makes for you, or you can use Fashion Gems to have Izzy design another random item. Fashion Gems are earned by giving or receiving Stickers; you can also buy them with SimCash.

What else should you should know –

All Fashion Shop Items can be found in the Izzy’s Special Creations section in Create a Sim. The Izzy’s Special Creations section is under the Style category.
Each of Izzy’s Special Creations can only be worn by one Sim at a time. Sims cannot wear more than one of these items at once.
Getting items requires Fashion Gems. Fashion Gems can be earned as game rewards or bought using SimCash.
Like all SimCash, you can only buy, receive, and spend it on your personal server. This is how we keep the game fair and fun for everyone.

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  1. Tanya Acku says

    "In 2019 its the best way to receive simoleons&simcash: for me its by far the best in 2019"

  2. Xoa Games says

    This is so hilarious

  3. HulloTheLoser says

    Izzy gets the Infinity Gauntlet

  4. Ally _da potato says

    You said the f word

  5. xphoebex8 says


  6. FishLettuce _ says

    Is it possible to remove the effects? I really don’t like the halo that comes with the purple suit.

  7. Lexie J says

    how did you get 1000 gems omg

  8. Lexie J says

    izzy always gives things that sucks im dying for the fairy

  9. Mariel Mahusay says

    i wont fucking load

  10. julia. stpn says

    "I've clearly outdone myself!" –Izzyyou don't say

  11. Frecensent Bruh says

    Can yall tell me what is your first izzy design you got?

  12. ash eclipse x says

    I got 2 fairy dress! This was helpful because first i didn’t know what to do because i don’t like the color..

  13. grape pallete says

    i got a full body coat… is it rare ? cuz i forgot to check how rare it is…

  14. UmbreonTwinkle says

    I am trying so bad to get a fairy outfit but I'm failing:( I did get a rlly good skirt I always wanted but I got balloon animations besides Angel or fairy wings. I did get Angel wings the first time but I didn't keep it. 🙁

  15. ryan says

    I just love the music.2:31 No. No. No. Fuck you. Another No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. What is that, a fart? No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. OH OH OH!!!

  16. akayukihime姫 says

    This was so funny 😂 Can you do a video on getting so many cash ?

  17. Maniac Alex says

    Dont tell anyone but in game i got 3B simcash and 2B simoleons

  18. 제니와 정국일본 국 says

    izzy always gives me ugly clothes-_-

  19. UwU Strawberry says

    This is funny but how many gems 😂😂😂

  20. Pindi Yossi says

    my izzy closet is full, please tell me how to delete???? 🙁

  21. Juan Carlos says

    I manage to get the aquaman's pants with electric effect and rocket boost thingy

  22. Bea Flores says

    I got a rare female costume at my first attempt for the first time.Now for the second time I got a rare female top at my first attempt for the second time.DABS 👍👍👌By the way, I am on level 22 so that’s common 😊

  23. Zachary Udy says

    Where’d u get a mil cash?

  24. Cal Theorizes says

    How did you get so much simcash?

  25. Stephanie K says

    How did you get so many pink gems?

  26. Jack :3 says

    Omg your simcash

  27. Ricky says

    This was so funny HAHAA

  28. Jennie Rose Mananghaya says

    no. no. no. no. waste it all man. 😂

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