Ghayal Once Again {2016} {HD & Eng Subs} – Hindi Full Movie – Sunny Deol, Om Puri – Best Hindi Movie


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Ghayal Once Again’s plot starts from where it ended in Ghayal. He kills Balwant Rai and surrenders himself. After his release from the jail he starts a new life. He joins as a reporter for an independent newspaper. He also helps the police with some cases. One such case involves Renu who was raped by her boss, Rajguru. Renu kills herself in depression. Ajay takes things in control and proves that Rajguru is guilty. Later Joe D souza, the inspector with whom he used to collaborate dies in an accident. Later it is revealed that Joe was shot and that it was not an accident. Now what will Ajay do to prove this?

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  1. KAKA Gamerz says

    I love this movie Covid 19 me kon kon dekh raha hai

  2. Arun Singh says

    पकाऊ बोकस एक्स्ट्रा कवर

  3. Siddharth Gupta says

    Koi story hi nahi. Bekar

  4. khushi sharma says

    This is very good movie, but please upload yamla pagla deeewana 2 movie

  5. lila Behera says

    Best filing part in the my life in this movie?? riyali super

  6. All says

    Superb movie

  7. Shandhya patel says

    Sab khan hero ka baap hai .sunny deol

  8. Shandhya patel says

    Sab se besat hero

  9. Shandhya patel says

    Real hero

  10. Tusar Lenka says

    My favorite action movie

  11. Amir420K says

    i was very disappointed with the ending…

  12. Gulshan Kumar says

    Love this filmAnd love u sany sir

  13. vishal janmala says

    Suprb film sunny sir

  14. Deepak Sharma says

    Nice movie

  15. Manjunatha Swamy says

    I don't like it Ending this movie bad director bad direction ????

  16. Junaidali letist video says


  17. Akshay kumar says

    ऐसी घटिया मूवी मैंने आज तक नहीं देखी इससे अच्छी तो साला साउथ का रहता है, साला आज के दिन मेरा बहुत बेकार गया, साला इतना टौरचेर किया फिर भी भोसड़ी वाले ने लास्ट में छोड़ दिया मधरचोद ?????????????????????? ऐसी फिल्म देखो और खुद का सर दिवार में मारो

  18. Nematullah Ansari says

    Beech tak achcha thha isko aur achchi tarah se ending kiya ja sakta thha.

  19. Village One Z says

    1.00.04 what a feel bullshit To the sun and back to the earth

  20. Village One Z says

    58.57 reward matters for super order where it comes from.

  21. Mahesh kumar Baghel says

    Ye movie me jo last me hona ta wo to hua nhi

  22. Asgar Ali says

    Ise bolte hai muvi ???????????

  23. Asgar Ali says

    Sany sir is a best ? real hero jai hind sir ap ka har ek movi best hota hai sir

  24. Mustak Shaikh says

    Jabardast action movie

  25. Anuj kumar dj Anuj kumar dj says

    Super se upper

  26. Rebellion says

    Ab dum nhi rha sunny deol ke chillane mai. Gala kharaab rehta h ab uska???????

  27. Mukesh Kumar Tanwar Mukesh Kumar Tanwar says

    My favorite actor is Sunny Deol this film is very dangerous my heartbeat increased when l was watching this movie

  28. Jayashree Desai says

    Nice video

  29. Montu Deka says

    Nice movie beautiful

  30. Mukesh Kumar Gupta says

    Supper se bhi or upper movie ?..I like you all tim

  31. Dig A paro says

    Supar move jay ram g……. J….. R… G

  32. Kc Sharma says

    1 hi Flate main rahe kar bhi, Log Sirf, Kabhi Kabhi ( Par Week ) – Milte Hain !?But, Not Disturbing to Anybody !?

  33. Kc Sharma says

    Apradha NE kiya hua Galti # Galti ??

  34. Kc Sharma says

    Hide karne Ki chakkar main, Hum passwords yaad nahi karte !

  35. Kc Sharma says

    Apna Apne – Property hongein !Arthat :Mobile ? to har kisi Ki passed Hain !?

  36. Kc Sharma says

    Videos / Photos / Jpg / PDF / Zip ?

  37. Kc Sharma says

    Cylinder using – Cooking & Gold Using & Cooking – Ki – Benefit – Batao ??

  38. Kc Sharma says

    Updating with invest / Updating without invest ??

  39. Kc Sharma says

    Budhons Suno ?Kuch Aur soch kar, Apple ? se bhi – important – security – le kar – update kar Sakenge hum bhi !

  40. Kc Sharma says

    Pretending ???? ( Kapuri )?

  41. Neeraj Kumar says

    Super mubi very good ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?

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