1. I 0K l says

    The code will be out soon!

  2. Finley Pratley says

    Can you make the lord of the ring theme tune next?

  3. makhdoom farrukh says

    fortnite live

  4. Anakin Skywalker says

    wow just wow

  5. Popcorn Playz says

    I liked the last one. It mixed in with the actual song

  6. HunterBoi40 says

    I belive u can get to 1 million. You are a great youtuber and i love ur vids!

  7. Alejandro pro YT says


  8. Charlie Compton says

    HOW! ur so good

  9. Aidan Wer says


  10. Dehalfwit says


  11. Coasteraph TV says

    Its amazing !
    And, you know the song Journey of Tokyo Machine ?
    Thanks 😊

  12. LUKÁSEK Klaban says


  13. Cold War Zombies says

    Bruh I'm a ghost busters fan thai is awsome

  14. JT Young says

    I've been watching you for a long time and I just wanna say this is REALLY good lad, love you, love your content, and love your talent. (No homo)

  15. [MatiLoboYTX_•GamesUwU 153] says

    Music sofia Alvaro soler

  16. Cooper Levin says

    How does he do this

  17. Krohn says

    Why don’t you make tutorial?

  18. Unnamed_epic says

    I have no words other then godly

  19. finn 87 el gamer says

    Wow hacker

  20. Rin says

    YouTubers dogging copyrighted music

  21. GuefRlcet says

    cool ecto 1 you did right there mate and the music was wonderful love this i would like a tutorial love this song is my favorite show/movie GHostBusters!

  22. Adrian Guillen says

    I know how he sounds😏

  23. Big Boi Gaming says

    You did great

  24. Diperman says

    Do the mandalorian theme song

  25. Tim The bird says

    Idk but I like pro

  26. rcboxer says

    Do blinding lights tutorial

  27. Frantic_ duckers says

    Nice job!

  28. Melissa Henderson says

    Expert bis better

  29. Hug-o says

    pretty lit man btw that's quick they literally came out yesterday night

  30. Unreal Shlush says

    Nice make more! 👌😂

  31. Beau_NL says


  32. Lil_Wolfie says

    One of the best yet

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