1. Carl Moeser says


  2. Julian Plaza says

    2nd goal, De Gea appeared to challenge himself to make the save TRex-style.

  3. Chandara 2017 says


  4. Sara Kebdid says

    Degea is retired

  5. Abdul Halim says

    always make mistake in defend position ???

  6. Dave Trevor says

    De Gea saw nothing ???

  7. David Tyrone says

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  8. Robin Lustig says

    I think the focus was the third place. We are going to topple chelsea from that place.De Gea saved us many times

  9. Allan Chiumya says

    Great picture

  10. Atharv mishra says

    Memechester United

  11. Imrancr7 Hakim says

    Dont blame de gea we should blame defender give much presure to goalkeeper you all see match crystal palace

  12. LanesraHZ says

    volley goals in football https://youtu.be/2ktESxBslXQvolley goals in football https://youtu.be/2ktESxBslXQ

  13. Frans Sirait says

    Mencrets unitedGiGiMU

  14. Zidir Kran says

    Giroud ?❤️?????????

  15. peace likely says

    The mistake start from the beginning , where is Ighalo the man of the FA Cup

  16. Kwesi Boateng says

    When you need him the most, Ow De Gea!

  17. Kwesi Boateng says

    Chelsea playing as if Morinho was still their coach!

  18. karllR15 santaiblog says

    Out fred….

  19. Saish Salkar says

    Change goalkeeper

  20. Noren Noel says

    Wow you finally made it Chelsea you're the best team I love the most what a performance well done super Lampa

  21. Tonei Raiszh says

    De gea is on drugs I'm sure.Too many silly mistakes

  22. Hưng Đậu Viết Gia Hưng says

    Mu hết thời rồi

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