1. chtansey10 says

    No idea, but at 0:27 Payne knew when to elbow Lambert. Lambert was inhaling leaving her stomach muscles relaxed and her expanded stomach was vulnerable. At this point Payne gave Lambert a sharp elbow punch directly in the middle of Lambert's stomach. Lambert is bigger, more muscular, and physically stronger but a weaker person can still cause pain. If Lambert, who has some fat but is mostly muscle tightened her gut she wouldn't have felt much effect from the elbow. I think Lambert underestimated Payne's strength. For all the physical punches that Lambert threw the elbow to her stomach was the only punch she took. I accidently elbowed an athletic girl in her stomach and my elbow went deep into her stomach. I said oh no I'm sorry and she smiled and said yeah I understand.

  2. Lime Light says

    Thats why bitches should stay home and cook

  3. Charlie Glück says

    wow she is not a good soccer player

  4. Shining Serpent says

    She’s vicious, she’d be better in a sport like rugby or boxing rather than soccer.

  5. label1877 says

    A girl with this much passion would rock your world in the sack. Unfortunately, most female athletes play on their own team.

  6. will pain says


  7. QueOnda 123 says

    She better thank the powers that be I wasn't on the opposing team! She would've gotten her face bashed the fuck in.

  8. Robert Upton says

    Awesome hair pull take down 0:57

  9. Random Person says

    Damn she yanked her bruh ??

  10. smrt fasizmu sloboda narodu says

    What’s her name ??please

  11. Eric bp says

    Now this is some soccer I can watch

  12. Ben Middleton says


  13. Shan Nonymous says

    bitch would touch me once and it's on

  14. Jacky 6498 says

    de jong and pepe

  15. snvff xxx says

    her period

  16. Deborah Ecklund says

    This chick would get her leg broke in six different places I would make sure she never played soccer again

  17. Rebekah Ratt says

    I hope she never plays soccer again. Dirty player. Bitch moves.

  18. tkrinc says

    I love her!!! first time in my life i liked watching soccer

  19. The CSR says

    Does anyone know what she's doing today? I'm sure she's married because she's pretty; but she has to be the most abusive wife. She is probably both verbally and physically abusive, and carries around a wall of negativity. I have a hunch that she probably suffers from BPD. We can also count on a divorce in the future as well. Just my guess.

  20. Luca Di Medio says

    In a real European soccer(football) game she won't survive for a minute with that attitude,red card right away,she is mean,mean soccer players don't go anywhere in life.this is not UFC !!!You don't tackle like that…only in UK is allowed lol

  21. Christopher Rich says

    Every one of those things, would have killed Lebron James

  22. Kum Kalpesh Shelat says

    Fucking give her a life ban.

  23. Joao Garrincha says

    She must have a big poster of Pepe in her bedroom

  24. FaZzKaY LoL says

    What a bully!! She should be in jail thats cruel! Shes a bully!! Someone should sew her? if i got my hair pulled by her. OHH! Bet my there would be a huge fight!!

  25. Jimbo Johnson says

    What a fucking psycho bitch… Should be banned from the league

  26. JABS991 says

    You can retaliate… but dont get caught. English hooligan footie here

  27. Tatiana Nikitina says

    What is this a wrestling ?‍♀️?

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