1. tanchanok egawarin says

    1980's vibes

  2. T L Shorty Shorty says

    This sounds so vaporwave… lowkey perfect for GuP but haven’t heard it before

  3. Nick Ryan says

    Tonight at 7: flying monsters coming out from the Atlantic ocean

  4. Time Traveller says

    The Yukari shopping channel XD

  5. gunslinger_lucky tanki junky says

    when was this in GUP???

  6. Alistair says

    H O T L I N E O O A R A I

  7. Pershingoholic says

    I'm thinking Jump by Van Halen.

  8. 8elementallords says

    Sounds like Rainbow Road in Mario Kart ^^'

  9. Michael Ho says

    OVA 6 for the win! I watched the show 5 times XD

  10. finn .mov says

    Gundam War in the Pocket :L

  11. 111triple says

    It sounds so 80's!

  12. victoriouspancake says


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