Both iiDominusExtremeus and I were Global QBs in Legendary Football!

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Let’s Go, Cetus, Different Heaven, Fall to Light, Sky High, Eclipse, Arrow, Ark Firefly

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  1. tyon kid says

    Dout like bc hes not

  2. Elder Jake says

    U cant blame him he had terrible wr's

  3. King Kay says

    Yo I got best comeback and worst haircut on my suggghesting

  4. Fitzgearled Playz says


  5. Team Carrot says

    Petition to have juicy juice sponsor you

  6. San Nhean says

    Ok nice

  7. Limited Squad says

    juicy jukes are just running straight i love them i do them all the time in football fusion ??

  8. Chris Sanchez says

    Bruh u where in avg not global it has to be in all time

  9. Kedus Hill says

    Juicy John can we play a game my username is NewNewAB84LB

  10. ELI7ESlapzz says

    Can we play soon together? I’m a godly we and my username is BigFartKat

  11. ELI7ESlapzz says

    Thesmolwewe a.k.a my friend was in the server

  12. AU iControl says

    What’s so funny is that Juicy says “Juicy Jukes” but literally just walks in the end zone. LMAOOO ???

  13. TheVoidersYT says

    I’m the 500 comment >:D

  14. Danna Argueta says


  15. Timothy_ Weiandt_ says

    Bro My Fav Team Is The Falcons. (DONT 28-3 JOKE ME)

  16. Sarah Nguyen says

    All he does is lob and dot

  17. Melissa Bennett says

    Best player ever

  18. Amari Alston says

    dat 2:10 juke was fire

  19. NoblePrinceV says

    I like juicy john then thedimer now

  20. Reverse TOH says

    20K VIEWS IN 2 WEEKS???!!? NANI IT WILL TAKE ME 10YEARS TO JUST GET 100 VIEWS THIS MAN IS TO GOOD Holy crap I spelled so many things wrong. Lemme fix them real quick. Ok we good thanks for the heart btw!

  21. Oliver And cooper says

    I’m friends with thesmolwewe in roblox

  22. Ethan Thao says

    I almost forgot I got the first int

  23. Ruby Knight046 says

    I was looking a juicy John on insta. I thought u were black ?‍♂️

  24. DemonicFeeds- says

    they unvoted there qb cause they cant catch wow roblox football getting sad

  25. Trihrd_- says

    I played with him

  26. Gucci man says

    4:51 I did that exact same play and I was not qb

  27. DragonBoyGaming , says

    This was so cool tho john

  28. Moved Wolf says

    He should honestly make this into a catch frase and put it on t-shirts and things… "I'd say right about there"

  29. ToastedSheep says

    I’m trying to be a qb in ff, I’m bad but at least I have a TD

  30. WhatTheHeckMon says

    Why is your ball so laggy dude

  31. Stephanie Watkins says

    I'm better qb

  32. Stephanie Watkins says

    Tbh u can't rush

  33. Conrad DavisTucker says

    John: Throws complete passEditor: *adds tycoon music

  34. Nba Playz says

    I played legendary football with u once

  35. Tariq Clark says

    Add me on Roblox for a godly we tariqthehomie

  36. Tariq Clark says

    Helllo Man

  37. Connor Leslie says

    The amount of times someone was completely wide on the left and he “dimes” the right…. ??

  38. Itz_Night Ken says


  39. Roblox Fusion says

    Y r my friends always in his games

  40. Fork Spoons says

    I was watching u since u had 900 subscribers and I said “ how does he only have 900 subs?”

  41. Rivon Blake says

    Juicy John Can u give tips for doing dimes

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