GLORY HUNTER FM20 | #204 | FRENCH CUP DUTY | Football Manager 2020


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⚽️I have two main FM20/Football Manager 2020 series running this year.⚽️
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►Glory Hunter (European time limited journeyman with trophy targets)

►Tottenham Hotspur (BETA save turned FM lets play frustration)

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  1. Archie Harris says

    Favourite part of the series I think is that you haven’t done it with any of the fashionable sides. Expected after a few seasons to see you at City, Barca, Bayern and PSG hammering teams every game and it being relatively repetitive. Seeing you win with arsenal, inter, valencia, rb and (HOPEFULLY) Marseille has been amazing to watch. Big ups Ben x

  2. Marcel Schwarz says

    1:37 Steffen Baumgart being PSG coach is hilarious

  3. AmazingChi says

    Not going to lie, that 'BEIN SPORTS' banner (Be In?) is an unfortunate reminder that BenSportsNews has been cruelly ignored for most of the year.

  4. Sneak 100 says

    kinda cool how psg have a baltic centre back partnership

  5. JustLCL says

    Shouted t-shirt should just say his name and " I'm here Boss! " ?

  6. Tom Hinds says

    SCHOUTEN T-SHIRT!! It'll make you more money than Raid and Vikings put together!! Poor Schouten ?

  7. Lars Tuborg Madsen says

    Still doing the "Ludvic" thing, I see. 😀

  8. Andy Thomson says

    I'm going to miss Schouten!

  9. Trevor M says

    I can't believe Parra is 34 and Cristiano is 30

  10. Fuxser says

    Still loving the series Ben!

  11. Roomster says

    Could you upload the save to the steam workshop by any chance? Would be insane to play in your lore/legend (Diego, Schouten, etc.) filled universe! Cheers 🙂

  12. Danny Cooper says

    4 minutes in don’t know if anyone has already commented this or Ben noticed but Cesc Fabregas is managing his French cup opponents

  13. jimmyrae22 says

    Still regretting not getting Christy Clarke-Slocombe on my Thames Shirt…Ah, I remember now – too many letters!!!!

  14. X says

    ñ = ny therefore Goñi = Gonyinho = nyo therefore Munhoz = Moon-yoz

  15. Bear says

    Hafidi got a Rivi

  16. X says

    Nomadic means you move teams a lot. Sporadic is scoring spells now and again.

  17. Paul says

    Also, Munhoz should be pronounced like Munyoz. Think of the nh as in Ronaldinho.

  18. Paul says

    Episode should have been called Sochaux Distancing

  19. That Bullions Show says

    BOSS IT'S MEEEEE. Make the shirt Ben.

  20. Xalvador 75 says

    There may be other Football Manager content creators, but non of them are a Doctor………of bottlejobs.

  21. Rob Latham says

    Emanuel is sporadic not nomadic! 🙂

  22. Chris Bunn says

    Well Ben you are certainly my favourite football manager creator. Play the game very much like myself and you add a unique comedy factor to your videos

  23. Adam Sheldrick says

    size 4 xl please

  24. William Mankelow says

    You're the only FM creator I watch ……. on this channel 😉

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