GLORY HUNTER FM20 | #205 | LETS GET PODCASTY | Football Manager 2020


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⚽️I have two main FM20/Football Manager 2020 series running this year.⚽️
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►Glory Hunter (European time limited journeyman with trophy targets)

►Tottenham Hotspur (BETA save turned FM lets play frustration)

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  1. The Gaming Musab says

    no.1 fan

  2. Brin Chaser says

    I shouldn't have laughed so hard, but at 11 minutes, it sounds like you delegated the naming of your incoming child to your Assistant Manager. Love the content, keep it up.

  3. Marius Thomassen says

    If your doing scandinavia, then please do SK Brann in norway! Our manager is f’ing garbage and need a change so there is your inspiration!

  4. Dan Smith says

    I can’t believe your staff thinks Ruiz is a 4.5 star player. He’s good, don’t get me wrong, but that rating is inflated by form

  5. William Cross says

    I think you are incorrect about rotation. I play a full 11 rotation every game and have lost 10 of 166 games. Sure 2 of ~3.5 years so far were at Salzburg, but I took over Leipzig sold 14 first teamers for $454 million, purchased several of my Salzburg players and a bunch of wonderkids for $419 million and made the finals of every competition we entered, winning the Club World Championship, the Bundesliga and the EC II, rotating every game. Plus, injuries aren't a problem as I have match fit, confident players ready to go at every position

  6. InsidAero says

    Seeing him not sub anyone in the Lyon (well, really late on) or PSG matches just absolutely killed me inside.

  7. owen chong says

    Seeing Camavinga made wanna ask: At the end of the season or series, can you try and find how many real players are left in the game? Would be interesting to see which youngsters lasted 20 years. Like so Ben can see!

  8. Subo Nik says

    do some more videos with docks (JC) his club and country is awesome

  9. Fuxser says

    I would keep on watching even if you did 40 seasons. Can't wait for the Thames series next game. A scandinavia series sounds really interesting.

  10. ClaytsFM says

    i heart podcasty episodes

  11. Alan Scrimgeour says

    If Thames is back then Thames Tele intros have to make a comeback Ben. Wonder what Mike, Jane and Ken? Have been up to these past couple years…

  12. Daniel Berry says

    Didn’t you and Docks collaborate a while ago? Maybe something FM related next year with you 2

  13. Danny Cooper says

    I don’t know how you’d work it Ben but I’d love to see you do like a streamer showdown style Champions league with like 32 teams/creators in groups across many weeks and well basically the UCL

  14. Jacob Mackenzie says

    Surely this year's beta is going to be a Chelsea save? A bunch of exciting talent that's come in, and a bunch of young players who no doubt will have a massive PA boost in FM21, but still with a load of defensive issues. It'd be a good challenge to see if you could unseat the Liverpool/City duopoly using just the players brought in, try to keep a load of attacking players happy, while also attempting not to concede every shot on goal with Kepa between the sticks.

  15. PrORiPpAax says

    I started a Scandinavia 'Glory Hunter' at the start of FM20 which didn't pick up because the match engine was terrible. I started unemployed with all the scandi countries + holland and was picked up by FC Honka Espoo! I'd love to try it again or watch you give it a go!

  16. Degamer 1013 says

    Listening to these podcasty episodes genuinely help me even when I’m feeling at my lowest listening to this mans amazing voice is really calming

  17. Bear says

    As a parent, you just find a way to solve anything Ben so don’t worry. You’ll be a great dad ❤️✌?

  18. Phil Haddock says

    Great episode ben keep up the great content & enjoy being a parent its the best feeling ever seeing your son or daughter for the very 1st time, all the best in becoming a dad ?

  19. EraTic says

    Do Leeds United in the beta because theyve been linked with Thiago Almada the wonderkid who has said he would rather go to leeds and play under bielsa than other teams who are top 6. Would be interesting

  20. Lasse says

    Love the thought of more collaborations. Especially with zealand

  21. Lorenzo Martinez says

    I blessed you

  22. Ben Scattergood says

    I never hear you mention your road trip series, i loved it!

  23. Adam Butterworth says

    39 minute video while im washing up? yes please.

  24. Callum Brown says

    Bro new to the PC Game world do you need a 700 pound PC to play this game in full graphics ?

  25. Richie Doyle says

    Hi Ben, I have a question for you will you be doing the Glory Hunter challenge in fm 21

  26. Sean Burnett says

    Team I loved u at was inter round one

  27. That Bullions Show says

    Cracking win against PSG. Top result!!!

  28. Henrik Frederiksen says

    Online gaming in this game is good for the streamer showdown and stuff like that. BUT playing with a friend or friends will make seasons last longer than jacks TLT save… RL stuff will intervene an make it near to impossible …………… it'll NEVER work… UNLESS we have another pandemic ( hope not) and everyone you play with can be hermits… with no jobs aso aso

  29. zedassdraug says

    Love these episodes!

  30. Rodrigo Neves says

    It would be cool if you did an online Glory Hunter with other youtubers (WTS, Fox in the Box, Manny, Spencer just to name my favorites), where each of you would start in a different top 5 league. Other than that, I would love to see Thames back, this time to win the Premier League!

  31. AntiAntisen says

    26:06 As a dane i would love to see a save in Denmark. Fc nordsjælland is a young side and could be an option even if its a glory hunter!

  32. giorgiomaroda says

    Cherno Samba? Anyone?

  33. Miguel Baliog says

    Next Thames: Prem to Ten

  34. Ace Hole says

    Keep up the good work Ben – Plus showdown & lowdown were quality on weekend, even though I really really did not expect that winner!Kinda hoping there will be a vid about the special league section for WTS ?

  35. Eugen Gicu says

    It was the sneeze! the bloody sneeze helped Ben win the game! more sneezes on camera, Ben, to win the league!

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