1. Trevor Hines says

    Eh your a bad qb ngl so many of those passes I would have caught not rly good and no one really knows about juicy John rly ngl

  2. DerivedYeti5298 says

    “that is a mossed right there”

  3. Pudding PD says

    I love your vids!!

  4. Jameel Alternate says

    What is the music?

  5. calvin jones says

    If you play with me i will give you admin

  6. Anthony Chacharone says

    I like ur mix tape

  7. Shane Garrabrant says

    0:00 can someone please tell me the name of that song it’s my fav! Thx

  8. Noah Loyd says

    I feel your pain I'm always open

  9. Shane Garrabrant says

    Me counting how many times he says “bro”

  10. Best Gaming says

    Why is it when he explains what’s happening in the game he sounds like a sports narrator lol

  11. Ghost Rider says

    Dude that was me playing this game he wouldnt pass to me and I was kinda good( that's why I went to another game and I I was good) I always went short and when the qbs were like fine ill give you a chance they would throw it not even close. And that's why I rushed and if they friend passed i get in front of his friend and catch it but I was bad at qb

  12. Ghost Rider says

    I'm 15 and it was like playing with a whole bunch of 5 and 6 year olds who thaught they could roast and it was the most hillarious thing

  13. It’s ya boy Tre says

    U funny as heck I’m a big fan

  14. Tanetra Hill says

    who else realize every football fusion youtuber said that a dime every video

  15. Timmy Turner says

    Only real soldiers went through the pain of not getting qb

  16. Hayden Dalton says

    How do you make your camera do that where is like your in first person but your not someone plz explain

  17. Fitzgearled Playz says

    Best football fusion player… I thought I was best I take second place….

  18. Chelsea Brown says

    Hi john it me!

  19. x-_-Vibez says

    He sounds like berry from the bee Movie

  20. Adrian & Gabe Ervin says

    Boy this dude freaking lying

  21. XDface On Da Beat says

    is he reading off a script

  22. John H. says


  23. John H. says

    Friend me and I’ll play with u and moss all them for you

  24. John Manganelli says


  25. Sam says

    Football Fusion easily has the worst community on Roblox. Most of the QBs can't figure out what throw power is and throw 10-20 yards short and blame the WR for "not attacking" Theres loads of idiots that pass rush when they don't know how which results in getting in my way and I have around 300 career sacks. Most people can't even kick the ball but don't vote me despite having a 90% accuracy rating over the span of 350+ kicks. I'm hardly a great player but at least I generally know what I'm doing which leads to conflict with these Dunning-Kruger morons. Course it is still hilarious when I get some friends on a team and we dominate. Me and about 3 other friends once spanked another team so hard they started chat fighting amongst themselves while we kept piling on points.

  26. jameson helsaple says

    At 4:43 look at chat that's so cheap wow

  27. Tray Thegod says

    Don’t he sound like that bee from bee movie

  28. Canaan Carson says

    He got a new sub

  29. John H. says

    I’ll play with u in vids

  30. John H. says

    Username: BrayTheLegitSavage

  31. Eric Camacho Sanchez says


  32. ezbez gernder says

    why does he sound like a robot

  33. Sharonda Spears says

    YA you r right ?

  34. Mr. Person says

    Why am I watching this? I don't even play roblox

  35. franco randolph says

    expose em friend passers

  36. Max Max says

    The god

  37. Justin Kent says

    Globalchip is me!

  38. Tucker Cross says

    Imagine playing roblox football because you would get shit on in normalMadden

  39. Tiny Cat says

    I legit a while ago plays with u on ur alt and with Crunchxable. Also #Johnisthebestqbandde

  40. ツ,Psycho says

    Madden 20 look looks nothing like mine

  41. ツ,Psycho says

    Lamar Jackson where u at

  42. stunn Fazo says

    I swear your voice so annoying?

  43. TiltFNP says


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