1. Kyro YT says

    What is the song for the outro I really wanna know

  2. Mr Akito says

    It would be funny if he turned super saiyan 2 in his sleep lol

  3. stephen vaught says

    52 second best part of the show lol

  4. Reiko Mikami says

    whe the game bugs

  5. Youtube Rr says

    Wow I'm 26 years old and I feel old when I watch old cartoon show's like this ?

  6. Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat says

    I knew this wasn't real, Goku never fought 17, hmm….

  7. Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat says

    That dram syncing with reality part is accurate.

  8. SWISH says

    that exactly the time when i found the cyborgs love the violence when I was kid lmao, u can tell the androids love dark stuff, example like Yamcha and Dr.Gero, Végéta and C18, or C13 when he punched the duh of Goku ??

  9. Evil Koala says

    And it became real with Zamasu stealing his body.

  10. Evil Koala says

    Wow. Goku must be really depressed and worried as heck to have such a dream. He feels so helpless with the heart disease

  11. 태선우TaeSunWoo says

    And then a decade later they’re fighting side by side to save the multi-universe. That’s some beautiful character development

  12. Samuel Zornosa says

    1:20 lol imagine not going super saiyan firstHe still would've died..but..c'mon.

  13. 亡し回凵句 己卞尺工乍ヨ says

    Krillin: looks like hes resting again.Goku: countinues to fight

  14. Gameboy _ says

    Imagine having a real ass nightmare while you’re dying

  15. Daniel Watson says

    Question… How did Goku know what the androids looked like? For him to dream them up he would have had to have seen them already which at this point he hadn't.

  16. Shady Killaz says

    How did Goku know what the Androids looked like, even though he hasn’t seen them by that point? I know this is a nightmare

  17. iHampake says

    I swear every video’s outro gets louder and more ear rape than the last

  18. Alexander Giraldo says

    Night terrors? Astro projection? Physical reactions to dreams? Wow … Even Goku needs Jesus Christ!

  19. Dobby Jai says

    1:27 and next scene looks off, it should be entering from chest, but next scene, its coming out of his ass

  20. Tanisha Sharma says

    Now both android are Fighting to moro

  21. Jeremiah Alexander says

    They forgot one thing he woulda Raged and went Super Saiyan

  22. Tom Cat says

    I wish goku got a chance to fight them

  23. Dream Hollow says

    Dude, this is brutal.

  24. EXTREME NERDZ says

    That outro is very loud

  25. LegendDragonZz says

    This was Goku's worst nightmare, that the ones he cared about most would die. But there was one thing i did not like about this scene. It was a very great scene. But Gohan, Krillin and Chi-Chi got killed infront of him. Instead of the power up he got when Krillin was killed against Frieza they could've given a like short SSJ2 preview. Bc his wife, his son, and bestfriend got killed infront of him, that'd awaken a massive zenkai boost but he tried to hit the Androids instead… that was really the only thing i dislikes about this whole scene.

  26. WeaponTechX says

    How did Goku know what is the android looks like when he has never seen them before during that time?

  27. Knation says

    Goku so intense, even his sleep paralysis demons be packing I need this level of intensity.

  28. Jamal Green says

    Best anime ever

  29. Mari2x says

    Damn it’s sad trunks had to go though that in real life

  30. Adamah Mashiach says

    This the DBZ we was robbed of in the States

  31. Goku Black says

    Lol trunks got the worst and most painful death killed with his own sword lol

  32. Brother Cadet says

    It’s crazy multiple people in the dream who are capable of destroying planets were all killed in a room without making any mess… well maybe besides trunks blood…

  33. Slim cupcake 2.0 says

    Rip trunks

  34. NotLikeThis Fam says

    My little cousin tryna fight me and my brother on GTA while we’re on passive mode

  35. Benn255 B says

    Still don't make sense how Goku know's what they look like when he never seen them.

  36. Tunahan B. says

    is this original or in the future ?

  37. Steven Chavez says

    Good video

  38. Arjun Duggal says

    Why didnt Trunks and Goku go ssj? Ik its a dream but still. Ps, Trunks entrance was pretty badass

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