Goku VS COVID-19


Captured and edited by Nabil Ayari (Video Editor and Filmmaker)

Release date: May 19, 2020

Goku was coded by Cybaster and sprited by Balthazar for MUGEN.
Other Dragonball characters are from the Hyper Dragon Ball Z Team Z2
Covid-19 is from Donald Nemesis

Watch Goku VS Street Fighter 2:

Watch Goku VS Super Heroes:

Watch Goku in: Street Fighter 2 Intro:

Watch Super Street Fighter 2: Fatalities:

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  1. 6 6 6 6 6 6 says

    Go, GOKU

  2. Lifewith Ra’Nya says

    Goku clapedd him

  3. Kev One says

    err…. Goku forgot to wear a face cover, he dies… the end

  4. extremegamer642 says

    Ryu haioken helped it destroy covid 19 it weakened it. Before the kamahamahamaha.

  5. chan se hou says


  6. rubani haque says

    Bring in Zeno-Sama!

  7. Jean Sebastián Varela Perez says

    Felicitaciones Goku

  8. Sonic .exe_Jr says

    But Goku didn’t washed his hands since he touch the corona.

  9. Akirafan99 says

    1:59 "Get the fuck outta here, Ryu."

  10. world of Superman says

    What happend to goku vs Superman

  11. Doctor Strange says

    Will the World ever become normal?!Find out in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!

  12. Ssj god 4 says

    Btw what happened to the los reverie and resurection video?

  13. juninlv says

    A virus from Namek killed Goku. I only say that

  14. Milo GuUN says

    Cool de retour mon petit nabil !!!

  15. Ardent Orchid says

    Hey man, what happened to your Razor's Edge movie? Seems to have been taken down? A big shame because with all the added music and work that went into it, it's probably the best representation of the game that existed. Sadly, that is no longer the case. What became of it?

  16. believe Team says

    โกคูไม่สวมแมส ตายก่อนคนแรก จับเต็มๆมือ ^o^=

  17. Trublue Cobra says

    COVID-19 disliked this video.

  18. Starplatinum Brando says

    Love it. Merci de donner un peu d’espoir ??

  19. djonata says

    Goku vs Superman ?

  20. Tommie Gaston Jr says

    1:58 – Ryu: Hydouken!!!!!Covid-19:……….Goku: Step aside, let me show you how its done.

  21. Husnain Naeem says

    Good 1 bro take that Korona

  22. Adam Morales says

    That was awesome goku defeats covid 19

  23. shahidali619 says


  24. Keyko Solitaire says

    Doit on récupérer les 7 Dragons balls pour tuer ce foutu virus???

  25. Meyio San says

    Even some villains have to save the world

  26. 春k amm says


  27. Montilla Weathersby says


  28. Dg Azrael says


  29. ItsOver666!!!!! says

    If he catches Corona then Trunks wouldn't be able to save him this time.

  30. Da'Sean Kelley says

    Dang no shades for goku this time I see

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