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Gold Coast – Australia’s place to be for lovers of sun, sand, sights and sea! Check out the top spots in this incredible beachside destination and see why the region is a firm favorite for travelers.

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Australia’s #GoldCoast is in the heart of subtropical Queensland, rife with natural beauty and a human spirit dedicated to vitality, fun, and enjoying life. The skyline of Gold Coast practically dips its toes in the ocean, and much of the area is rich in lush greenery and waterfalls.

The north coast of this city began as a #vacation retreat in the 1850s and maintains its position as the Gold Coast’s heart and soul of entertainment and surfing. The south coast has a slower vibe and is a bit more relaxed.

Remember that Gold Coast also happens to be the theme park capital of Australia, which helps drive Gold Coast tourism and serves as a nice complement to the lazy beach life.

Top off your trip down under with a #visit to Mount Tamborine, a 30-minute drive inland from the coast. On the ridge of a volcano, Mount Tamborine offers a bounty rainforest trails.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  1. Isaac Fung 馮皓朗 says

    Walking from Queensland to New South Wales through Coolangatta – Tweed Heads

  2. Fhe Miracolo says

    my dream destination ???

  3. D says

    The voice sounds like Hugh JackmanI know he was involved in some Australian tourism commercials

  4. Tuncay Celik says

    Didnt know that Australia is sooo beautiful ❤️ On my Buckedlist for sure ?

  5. Kyle Hill says

    They showed one shot at night. They should've stretched this to 10 mins and showed some of those areas at night (not the bars though).

  6. anibal_bastian says

    Anyone else where there in Februari? 🙂

  7. Ruebyn Harvey says

    also shot some scenes from the dora movie here 🙂

  8. Ruebyn Harvey says

    anyone else living on the gold coast watch this and just realised how lucky you are

  9. RAVii JINAGAL says

    Ozark fan

  10. Giovanno Soeraidanoeningrat says

    Was there for study at griffith uni. 1995 1998. Great place.

  11. cyber elf says

    Lovely place.

  12. wiz wilson says


  13. Linas Marcinkevičius says


  14. Srinivas Radhe says


  15. Chris Troock says

    Disneyland needs to open an Australia location in the Gold Coast. Would be perfect spot for it

  16. Joel Decoster says

    dreat for a holiday,…but crap otherwise

  17. Ankit m says

    Cycling riding beaches buildings gardens tigers cars horse riding falls food birds and people are beautiful i am from india

  18. anibal_bastian says

    Been there and dont regret it, its a real PARADISE.Greetings from Sweden 🙂

  19. Manya Garg says

    Will be in gc for 14 days and I cannot even express my excitement. New Delhi

  20. Chris_Steve1 says

    I wanna live here :C

  21. Michael Thompson says

    Check out YouTubes from my Gold Coast home. Many and varied. Hope you find them interesting?Please let me know? Thank you?

  22. William Reid says

    love living in this beautiful Aussie city, so happy to have been born & raised here.

  23. BelieveMontana says

    can't help but think about H2O ?? where's Mako Island?

  24. MATCH HOME NOW says

    Gold Coast is a must-go item, for vacation is perfect!

  25. Gregory Forster says

    Is it wrong to want to lice in Queensland Australia?

  26. Bee B E E says

    The gold coast is the place to be. The beaches are amazing, and the sand is great too. So much to do here. If you're looking for the fun then stay in surfers Paradise. The further south you get the quieter it is. And don't forget to go to Byron Bay! That place is just a whole other level. Very very cool vibes. ?

  27. GC Splash and Shine says

    Nice little video

  28. Burnout Flame says

    Just saying dream world is getting rid of the tower of terror so if your coming to Gold Coast don’t exspect it to be there also the white water world is very tiny wet n wild is massive and sea world got rid of the dinosaur thing idk why but they did

  29. T P says

    Omg this is so beautiful

  30. T MD says

    I really enjoy going to Gold Coast. Thank you for this video – Milagros

  31. Ashutosh Shrivastav says

    Australia,my love

  32. Bryce says

    Great city with some great memories.

  33. Eco Pest Control Brisbane says

    Thanks for your Video

  34. Immortal 86 says

    No worries mate!!

  35. Faisal Harthi says

    memories .. love this place

  36. Youtube Viewer says

    just come back from their its australias own Miami you can walk down the main street at 1am without being harmed

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