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#FreeFire #live
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  1. Romeo Gamer says
    👆🏻follow Me On InstaGram❤🔥 100k Karwane Hai Guys Insta Pe❤

  2. perfect 57i says

    Kalahari map kha s aya


    I spend most of the time playing free fire, but I don't cares about my channel😙, because if i work hard then i will entitled to your support😀

  4. Suresh Nepak says


  5. Mr.Sharat. Ff says


  6. Vishwas Patil says

    Bhai time audio sunana chahitha background music ke jagah

  7. PRO REBEL says

    Bahut op romeo bhai last match

  8. sachin sachin says

    Bhai apka avaj jonty bhai jaisa he


    romeo bhai background music mat lagaya karo ajju amit ki chimkandi panti sunne diya karo 😂

  10. RAKSHA D Pleasent says

    OOOP gameplay I have ever seen

  11. Cool Devils says

    "Time is short thing"""Girlfriend is nothing"""
    gaming is everything" bhai i am not pro like romeo😔but i love you all" i need my all brothers and sisters support🙏🙏😔😔

  12. Tapas Pradhan says

    Dum he to solo me push karke dikhao👍

  13. Chaubey Dharmendra says

    Boletoo last seen op

  14. karan status mk Bhuriya says

    Big fan romyu Bhai and ajju Bhai

  15. RABEN KALITA says

    When we see enemy we all forget tips and tricks

  16. Gourav Sharma says

    Op Romio

  17. Ashu Yadav says

    Bhia face revel

  18. Mukesh Ranjan says

    Romeo bhai Apne kallu dost ko bhul gaye kya

  19. wanted boys says

    Bhai aapko gun skin LA advanteg mita he kay

  20. KRISH GAMER says

    Life is a Nothing"
    "Girlfriend is short thing"
    "Free fire is everything"
    Support is everything l need from everyone"❤️❤️❤️.

  21. champ _Gaming says

    Pro bhai u r a PC palyer

  22. Sanskar Pandey says


  23. Pratyush kumar Das says

    Op game play

  24. Best character is adam because it ability to save our money 😂😂 keep support ❤️😍READ MY NAME ALSO

  25. Best character is adam because it ability to save our money 😂😂 keep support ❤️😍READ MY NAME ALSO

  26. pawan lokhande says

    Kya gazab khelte ho bhai.

  27. Ganesh Singh says

    Bhai first song ka name kya hai. Love it 😜😜😜😜

  28. Akhilesh Kumar Kumar says

    Bhaiya aap to heroic Par hi Ho 🤔

  29. Rajveer Singh says

    Ma ap ka fan hu

  30. Apprentice Gaming says

    Bro u came on lobby with me,u went offline fast🥺🥺, relatable

  31. MRK Boss gaming says

    bhai garena ke tatta ajju amit ke sath mat raho app app ke dam par nahi reh sakte yt par

  32. pro gaming shreepad says

    Please sent me request my name in ff is shreepa125 I am your big fan

  33. Fgghh Ghij says

    8:12. ..
    .. someone was busy singing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  34. gopal gupta says

    Please give me diamond 💎1541371329 in my id

  35. Waseem Azher says

    Ajjubhai ki commentry hacker ke tym😂

  36. Mihir Chhatwani says

    Last moment sabse best tha romeo bhai

  37. Anuj Kandari says


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