1. Mad Luv says

    Wait the smartest suit? BP wasn't wearing a suit? He is FLAMBOYANT. Selma couldn't decided which color so she wore both? Michelle W. wore a pumpkin skin. I don't look forward to the fashions anymore.

  2. Marie Krantz says

    I'm sorry but Brad Pitt looks OLD. These people are flippin blind!

  3. bell fonte says

    WORST OSCAR DRESSES AT ALL TIME??????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. lorelaycf says

    Salma was the best……and she gets better and better……why these people are judging, they have the most horreondeous clothes ever….

  5. Evangeline Desalisa says

    I love Valentino outfit of JLo!

  6. Sydneytowngirl says

    Scarlett looked amazing!

  7. Nicolle Van Dyke says

    J. Lo’s dress straight up reminded me of the Carol Burnett sketch where she wore the Green/Gold curtain in a Gone with the Wind spoof. She still kills it though.

  8. atinis says

    Oooh my goodness GLAM HHHAAAAHHHHHAAAAAAHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA This is the best comment section ever! ???

  9. atinis says

    1:08 why were they all holding their knees?

  10. RanziR says

    Come on brad pitt aged a loooooot

  11. Alicia Perez says

    Ugly Zalma Hayek'dress

  12. Thems Aka says

    People should stop lying and flattering.Some of the dresses here are horrible

  13. Wellness 2 says

    #ittybittytittycommittee #ThirstTrap #FutureEgot I love the new fashion HAPPY REPORT! enough bashing, gossiping, hate talk. Finally #HAPPYTalk. #MakeAmericaHappyAgain

  14. Wellness 2 says


  15. Ronaldo Richards says

    So Billy is the way men should look in 2020. Hi am sorry

  16. Jercyl Tolentino says

    I didn’t like how he didn’t vote anything for Awkwafina, while giving that face after seeing her X.X Awkwafina is amazing. Could have just placed the ? smiley, rather than make that face.

  17. hiiioooo says

    BBBBBOOOOORRRRIIIIIINNNNGGGGG. Bring back judges who aren't best friends with the celebrities or stylists talking about their own clients???? This was bad. They said JLO looked good? LMAO. They def were in LA smoking some fabulous, legal weed.

  18. Suzanne Szárai says

    All of them ugly. I did not see even one that would be OK. I am a former master seemstress and trained artist. Yeap…. this world is getting really crazy.

  19. mark dark says

    butt kissing competition …. FAKE as hell you`all!!!

  20. Dave Stephen says

    j low looks like left over holiday wrapping lol

  21. Mary Hooper says

    This stuff is over. I don’t even watch. Fake people and there money. Wow

  22. Kimberly Villareal says

    these commentators/hosts suppose to be know-how in fashion is really a "NO HOW". they don't have eyes for fashion. wtf are they thinking and looking at. I don't think they belong to the fashion world. they don't have 3rd eye in fashion. wtf.

  23. Lina says

    Like the naked emperor lol, everyone has an agenda.

  24. B G says

    You don't have anybody else from USA to host ET ???

  25. B G says


  26. Alex says

    no best and worst dressed? most meme worthy? 2 minutes in and im out.

  27. danny pham says

    wow ?, every woman in hollywood they wearing clothing so beautiful ? , i mean => every woman in hollywood they are dress up so wonderful look – jewelry bling bling diamond ?, damn booboo , we love it’s dude , that right when i come out , i dress up look good before i coming out guy , i smiling good befor i’m ready to coming out sweet heart , i don’t want to my self smelling stench and nasty smelling when i standing with someone by me and then they said straight to my face => you so stench and nasty smelling , oh lord – nope ?? nope ?? nope ?? nope ?? nope ?? nope ?? i don’t wanna my body nasty smelling when i’m standing with someone , yep ?, thanks you ? – the

  28. next episode says

    J Aniston not a wow factor dress but Still love it

  29. Carlos Jácquez says

    These guys don’t know what they’re talking about, you should come back and watch Joan Rivers and see how a good judge judges. All your ? were fantastic ! And the ones that you dressed were boring and ugly.

  30. Professional Commenter says

    Billy's pants were the worst fit for men on the red carpet that I have ever seen. He had a male camel toe. JLO's outfit looked crumpled and like a tossed out present wrapping. JLO should have worn that white dress to the globes. Scarlett looked beautiful but I really would have thought a bold red lip would have made her look pop. Cynthia's dress looked weird, the cut and fit looked great but that weird white part at the top cheapens the whole look and messes with the eye and looks awkward. Her hair and makeup were beautiful, the top part of the dress was unfortunate though. I hated Phoebe's suit pant length. I hate high waters on anyone no matter their height. Yaya had the best dress on, the color suited her skin tone and made her skin glow. The dress type and style fit her personality and she was styled the best in my personal unsolicited opinion. Gwyneth's outfit was atrocious! Whoever styled her needs to be fired!

  31. Norma Jones says

    I wish Joan Rivers was still here. She would tell it like it is. JLo should have said NO to that dress.

  32. Latourist Viva says


  33. Pâque Feal says

    For Kerry, this was not “glam”, this was “naked” ! You don’t have to undress yourself to be and look sexy. Come on Kerry ! You can do better !

  34. Yanique Scott says

    You’ll don’t need to be mean but be honest, not everyone looked good. This is the period when I miss Joan Rivers. Please bring back Melissa she was honest too

  35. Corve DaCosta says

    Why can’t he be honest? All he sees is a future client

  36. Kewljean says

    Makes me miss Joan Rivers again.

  37. lana lake says

    I think they stripped all the draperies from the windows of Valentino's estate to make JLo's dress . (The bun doubles as an airbag if she falls over backwards from the weight of it, lol)! ?

  38. Lilianna Mathers says

    This is the moment I almost wish for money. JLo is 50. Anyone here look that good at freaking fifty? Can't buy good taste, her dress was hilarious. But still glowing.

  39. marcia mathieu says

    Kerry no, let this style be for a girl with uppity breast, u get 2 pointer

  40. marcia mathieu says

    Erivo great I give her a 10 everything matches

  41. marcia mathieu says

    Scarlet looks to bare with that dress her hair coould hv been more regale, 5 point

  42. marcia mathieu says

    I’ll dress was ok, didn’t care about the hair, does not match the dress, out of 10 I gave her 5

  43. Katerina Patiniotis says

    That lady on the left doesn't like the timeless actresses…probably doesn't like their skin too much. Just clueless and needs to get her inferiority issues sorted.

  44. Trudi Porter says

    Jo Lo looks like a gift you want to give back or re-gift to some one else 🙂

  45. Cat Car says

    Salma's implants look ridiculous. Cartoonish. She should have stayed with her last implants. These are way too big for her small frame. She looks like Dolly Parton meets stripper.

  46. Create And Adorn says

    I'm excited to see Marisa in another role besides Rachael Zoe's assistant – I always knew working hard & staying by her side was going to lead to big things for you!

  47. Gina Hamlyn says

    Anyone else notice Billy Porter’s camel foot?

  48. Cho Cho says

    That dark skin lady is such a hater

  49. Samanofamily says

    ISA PREMIERE https://youtu.be/OEltz5A_V8g

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