Google I/O 2011: Building Aggressively Compatible Android Games


Chris Pruett

There are a lot of Android phones out there, but by abiding to a few key rules it is possible to develop a single binary that runs on all of them. This session will explain how to approach device diversity and build aggressively compatible Android games.

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  1. bilarion says

    Very very useful and information-dense talk,

  2. EddieK says

    Replica island isn't compatible with my android device 🙁 (LG P350, 2.2 Froyo)

  3. m00zg says

    Lots of interesting info. General and detailed tips. I liked it.
    And liked him 😉

  4. pleyas3d says

    Thanks so much for share your experience plus all this tips with us and for all your support as well!

    Good Luck Bro with your new Company…
    Hope you can still be able to help us, once in a while maybe?!?!
    Thanks so much…

  5. Terry Hau says

    Love your talks. That is the coolest shirt ever.

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