Google's Computer Science Summer Institute


Google is invested in increasing the enrollment and retention of Computer Science students, particularly those who are historically underrepresented in the field. The study of Computer Science can be challenging and fun, and Google wants to inspire these students — the innovators of the future — to become active participants and leaders in creating technology.

With this in mind, Google has created the Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI). Up to 60 aspiring computer scientists will be selected to attend one of the all-expenses-paid CSSI sessions at either Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California or Google’s office in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Our first session will take place from June 24 – July 12, 2012, while the second will take place from July 22 – August 10, 2012. This special institute will include an interactive and collaborative CS curriculum, as well as a unique residential experience in which students can build a network with other attendees. They will meet alumni from their schools and other Google engineers while immersing themselves in daily life at Google. Students will also enjoy technical talks by Googlers, lectures by guests from across the technology industry, and social activities in the surrounding areas.

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  1. Sri Rejeki says

    Great ^_^….

  2. Gyro Xaver says

    Google sent me both a rejection letter and an acceptance letter. I guess only half of me can show up.

  3. Vitalii Miller says

    I love Google!

  4. Hariom Singh says

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  5. Arianna says


    i like to learn coding but I don't have laptop we are poor Africa kenya

  7. Steven Lee says

    "Lucky black kids, better than keep them out of the streets. Affirmative action," says the Right winger. Wouldn't you eliminate that street culture by giving underrepresented kids a chance. That is great about Google; it is run by liberal minded people. But slowly, it is shifting to the Right, as newer generation is coming in.

  8. Gordon McWilliams says

    do they not do this anymore?

  9. char says

    nice affirmative action you doing huh

  10. TheSnowman619 says

    This looks super awesome! I just hope it doesn't interfere with the ROTC summer cruise though!

  11. Zakhele Hakonze says

    how do i join………???

  12. sleepyninjacats says

    Credit to the one pc guy in an ocean of macbook pros.

  13. Brandon Adame says

    Just applied!! Hopefully I get in!

  14. Engin İbrahimoğlu says

    Which program was used at the beginning of the video?

  15. Andy says

    One thing I wanna say is… They all have MacBook Pro!

  16. Gelo Wong says


  17. Abid Khalil says

    i'm a student from tunisia , how can i apply ??

  18. MaxWhatUp says

    I know HTML,C++,and learning Assembly. I am 11 years of age and am planning to work at google as a computer programmer. I am not one of those kids who saw the internship and wants to work at google, I'm one of the kids who knows what he's talking about. I have a long way ahead to study this so my future will be here, at google. 🙂

  19. richiororipon roripon says vs

  20. Willy S says

    One of my friends got in!

  21. oneweirdday says

    I just submitted my application. I'm simultaneously anxious and excited for this opportunity. Good luck to anyone else who applies, you all deserve the chance. 🙂

  22. oneweirdday says

    April 7th at midnight.

  23. Jair Silvera says

    I have NO prior knowledge in programming or scripting at all, but Computer Science seems like a fun career to do. Has anyone had this experience before or have already have a job in CS???

  24. ILykToDoDuhDrifting says

    ……..More demand for qualified engineers than there's supply. You could say that about any career. Just be vague about what it means to be qualified. There's plenty of unemployed Engineers with degrees from respected Universities. You could say there's more demand for qualified NBA players than there's supply. But, it's still a tiny percentage of players than will actually be hired. It's all about how you define "qualified," and it's never defined. A CS degree clearly isn't near enough

  25. Gary Burnett says

    What about kids who do have some skills in computer science but could still benefit from the program. Should we apply too? Or is it just for kids who have little to no experience?

  26. madmedia370 says

    Wouldn't it make more sense for them to do this for high school students so that they could get a head start in Computer Science…. I wish this camp was for high school students I really wanna attend.

  27. Павел Березкин says

    Is there something like that in the Russian office of Google? Because I would like to take part in this.

  28. Violet Koncz says

    This is great! Anyone who has the chance to do this should definitely do it!

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