GoPro HERO 9 REVIEW in-depth vs Hero 8


GoPro Hero 9 review – an in-depth test of the rugged camera vs Hero 8!
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  1. Gordon Laing says

    GoPro Hero 9 review – an in-depth test of the rugged camera vs Hero 8!Get one from GoPro USA: one from GoPro UK: Gordon & Ben a coffee:'s In Camera book: / Amazon uk: merchandise: Harvey's channel: / @dcuttermusic

  2. Klara R�ste says

    oi nice video bro

  3. Val Thompson says

    dudeeee that house at 5:04 is lit!

  4. Taga Cale says

    man, id just got the 8 on sale last week lol.

  5. firdaus mahadzir says

    Gopro 8 : am i adopted?

  6. Jason Alacyang says

    I got mine earlier and set it up with the firmware update I believe after I connected it with my smartphone. It's my first gopro but the touch sensitivity is so sluggish… you have to press it a lil bit harder before it responds. Thanks for the thorough review btw, I was able to set it up properly.

  7. Maybe says

    SORRY I’ll get ps5 first

  8. mattcarlson12 says

    Ben. You're over-exposed. In about every shot. Makes it hard to concentrate on the actual information. But still thanks for taking the time to make a thorough review.

  9. Ronnell Bryant says

    Definitely the best and most thorough review on the Hero 9 on YouTube. Thanks guys! I'm getting one!

  10. BillyFG says

    I feel like you need to use it a lot to justify having one

  11. Odisha Odisha says

    Gift me a goPro9💁‍♀️

  12. cKreepyOh says

    I hate to stop watching the video but The amount of ads is crazy

  13. badhabit says

    The reason I didn't get the Hero8 cuz I was waiting for the Hero9.

  14. Living in Akron Ohio says

    Thanks for the review! I am totally new to GoPro and am trying to determine what to buy. It seems like a big advantage of the 9 is that you don't need to buy the Display Mod to be able to see yourself when vlogging. So it actually saves you money ($50 more for the 9 vs. 8 instead of $80 for the display mod). Am I understanding this correctly? Is there an external mic or light that you recommend? Also interested in what tripod/mount you would recommend. Thanks!

  15. Masiosare II says

    Nice review, you look like Nico from SupraPixel channel, I found twin strangers.

  16. Andy Nixon says

    Awesome review guys. Best I have seen.

  17. JA Cooking says

    hello mate ! Camera Conspiracies sent me here ! nice channel

  18. jor bonta says

    Wow so many features but nobody say a word about the external micro adapter if we need to add an external micro with the windsurf….I think the insta one inch sensor is much better an image and a photo what do you think….

  19. Sonny Eymann says

    I am tried of blurred back ground. I love this look. 😁

  20. Kai Tiura says

    Did you guys actually try the "Schedule Capture" mode? Because DC Rainmaker did a video where he said it didn't always work. That's a big fail in my opinion for something that has been in the works for a while now with GoPro Labs. If they still haven't gotten it right, you might want to tell people? Firmware update, sure, but if it's not working out of the box yet, well… This might be something for your next test, no? I mean, hyping the new modes is one thing, but testing is testing. This miss is a big miss. It'll be "handy", sure, but only if it works without fail.Overall, I'm probably going to buy it, but this video didn't sell me.

  21. Paul Bawby says

    Great collaboration and best Gopro 9 review I've watched. Thank you very much for the great work.

  22. Robert M says

    The GoPro Hero 8 Media Mod was such a disappointment. Some of the promised Mods still do not exist., the Media Mod speaker was no better than the built-in one, and it made the camera no longer waterproof and prone to overheating. GoPro will have to make the Hero 9 Media Mod so much better to win people back.

  23. sÔrs tv says

    Honestly I’m only excited about the max lense I can’t wait to see the 9 on a rocket 🚀 finally it wound spin

  24. IWAN JAYA SOLO says

    Very good…

  25. Topbloke Golf Vlogs says

    Compression artefacts is just terrible , why is that ? iPhone footage doesn’t suffer from it when uploaded to YouTube

  26. toosas says

    great review but that repetitive 2sec music sample started driving me up the wall a bit by 20 minute mark!!!

  27. Ricardo Harry says

    Comparación en 23:00

  28. MDT says

    Nice !But did you ad a old movies filter at 9:08 +/- , i saw a black dot only one or two frames ?Probably me ;)Grtz John

  29. liquidalloy says

    Amazing video. I have the 7 and 8 and not sure if getting the 9 is worth it for me. Thank you for this video!

  30. ItchyHairy Crack says

    Well at least we can change the lens now that was a big issue for me all the other stuff massive bonus, will I buy 1 let's just see what bugs await us all typical gopro nothing will be 100% ready to go 👍👍👍Anyway great vidz as always Gordon keep it up 👌👌👌👌👌

  31. Sab kuch Manthan says

    Will there be a 360 version this year?

  32. D. Johnson says

    The GoPro Hero 9 appears to be the ultimate vlogging camera. Also, this vlogging video appears to be better than any vlogging video that Camera Conspiracies has ever made with much more expensive cameras. I'm sold.

  33. Johnathan Quinn says

    GoPro with the Olympus cameras Procapture mode. For video…nice!

  34. mountainhobo says

    So what is the size of the sensor for those of us who have not used GoPro in the past, but have used other cameras?

  35. Christian Lawrence says

    Great review guys 👌👌

  36. mountainhobo says

    Great video, but I don't understand — which is native, "Super View" or "Wide", and if "Super View" is native, why was most footage filmed at "Wide"? Native should give better quality, no?

  37. Stiks fishing channel says

    But did it overheat and lock up?

  38. John Gorentz says

    A better test of stabilization for bicycling is a handlebar mount. For some of us, anyway. Maybe not for mountain biking. But a chest mount is a no-go when I need a steady forward view of an hours-long ride on a hot day. I've actually been quite impressed by how well my Hero8 does for that purpose. I pretty much quit using my Sony FDR-x3000, even though it has better low-light performance, because the Hero8 has even better stabilization on rougher surfaces. If the Hero9 has better stabilization yet with better low-light performance, I'm getting one. I will probably get one anyway, but that's what I am looking forward to.

  39. Marwin Jacinto says

    do you have the raw files?

  40. JCGUGS says

    That horizon stabilization is next level.

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