1. Christine Stange says

    Trolls …misinformed people, who knows. People forget. After being oblivious to the mask recommendations for months, a positive response to starting to wear them does not occur the minute you put it on. Everything is 2-3 weeks delayed. Outbreak ….general public starts wearing masks …. 3 weeks later positive infections start going down …. 3 weeks later, hospitalizations start going down …. 3 weeks later …. deaths start leveling off. Need to wait 9-10 weeks after masking up in a population to see deaths flattening off. It's just the timeframe that the virus follows. Everthing people do today, will have a positive effect in preventing deaths …but it takes time. Good luck 😷✌️

  2. Robert Schultz says

    It really doesnt matter if the govenor mandates masks of businesses are forcing customers to wear them

  3. Telling Stewart says

    🌱😷 I'm very happy that the Burqahs are Not mandated. Freedom to Choose, is a Great Liberty.🙏🇺🇸🍃

  4. KYNG says

    I traveled to D.C. 2 months ago and didn't witness a single person not wearing a mask. Yet dumbass in the Governor's mansion still won't mandate mask. People are coughing and sneezing in grocery stores……Yet we are showing the world just how "Conservative" we truly are. Damnit I voted for ABRAMS and the entire country let this fool steal the election to kill us a year later!! #JesusTakeTheWheel 🙄🤦‍♂️🙅‍♂️🧢🗣💯

  5. Big Boomer says

    Damage has been done… don't really think you can take back what you've already done 😔

  6. Kevin Green says

    Nobody other than his and trump people are paying attention this man he is a clown.hell with him.and his.stupid orders know body listen this crap.

  7. grangran67 says

    Coronavirus is going to wipe out the entire world.A vaccine can't beat a curse.

  8. Christine Stange says

    Not beating this thing in Georgia. Mandate masks now?😷

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