1. BarbikaPahor says

    4 years ago… ok so we get that screen in 6 years… next year just screen that we can roll… yeah sure

  2. :Paul-John: Barrett - Alexander Technique says

    I need a graphene wetsuit

  3. Dave Glenn says

    UK invents it and gives to the world for free. Thick bankrupt country

  4. Markus Schmitt says

    It's very thin, it's very light, you can hardly see it. Wow, great reporting.

  5. scottiboi1983 says

    One part I'm confused about and hopefully someone can help me understand :This whole 'wearable electronics / flexible screen' buzz – Graphene itself is just a conductor that is transparent, flexible and strong… The clear, strong, excellent conducting version of copper if you care to put it that way.   My confusion is that a conductor alone does not form a mobile computer… The wearable electronics 'made with Graphene' would still require parts that are not flexible no?  Or would the plan be to redesign everything from scratch (Caps, Diodes, CPU's, PSU's, LED's) to take advantage of the new properties afforded by the next step past 'copper'.  Thanks

  6. bebsir3 says

    "I could sort of have my mobile phone or even my computer screen maybe one day…" Wow, you can tell she really doesn't get it. Its not about how graphene will change electronic 'devices', its that graphene means there will no longer BE 'devices'. Computation will be manufactured directly into everyday materials.

  7. YoyoMan8383 says

    This is lies.The Poles invented graphene, and hold the patent to make it. Production of graphene, officially went into mass production this past week in Poland. The first country in the world to mass produce it. Cheers. Google it.

  8. WoodenStag says

    Graphene Armor!

  9. Noel Ebbert says

    can graphene be used as an antenna?

  10. rmcdaniel423 says

    6:54Seriously?  She sums up her interview by asking if he thinks we will someday all be using graphene in some way?  All that time spent describing how absolutely revolutionary and versatile it promises to be, and her question is "Derp dee derp, do ya think we'll use this stuff?"

  11. Sméagol says

    And imagine the prices if there were no competitors. Much hate! 😉

  12. NASSAfellow says

    Did anyone else have the feeling that if you pass electricity through that liquid graphene it would do a 'flubber' dance?

  13. NASSAfellow says

    "Science does not know its debt to imagination" ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

    It's people like you who thought up some of the greatest inventions we have today, but unless you're willing to do something to push your ideas to reality, they will remain as they are, fragments of our imagination. Spread your ideas to companies. Push them around in science fairs. Make the impossible, possible.

  14. Tom Hank says

    These people have such short sighted vision. With Graphene, space travel would be far easier. Plasma jet engines run purely on electricity. With shuttles also made of maybe a graphene composite making them far lighter and stronger than anything else. Solar panels will give an endless energy source for the space shuttles, letting them not worry about fuel. Since they will be lighter, they will be able to have much more space. Graphene would bring about a space age. But maybe I'm a dreamer.

  15. pranksterpinkiepie says

    Patents should really be taken out of law.

  16. pranksterpinkiepie says

    Graphene armor.

  17. Mocsk says

    A British discovery made by two Russian guys in cooperation with the Institute for Microelectronics Technology in Russia.

  18. bighand69 says

    Britain actually lags in this field. The US probably does more in one month than Britain does in 10 years.

  19. bighand69 says

    The US is ahead of everybody else in the field but there are research being carried out in other places such as Korea, japan and Taiwan. I am sure they all have applications for their industry.

  20. bighand69 says

    Garphene is amazing as are other nano scale materials.

    It can act as a insulator as well as a conductor. It is truly an amazing substance. It can also be used with other materials as well.

    So you could have a standard CPU casing and then a core constructed of Graphene transistors.

    This is only a small functional capability of such material. And there are several other nano materials that can rival graphene such as Fullerene which is carbon based as well.

  21. bighand69 says

    We are too far gone at this point to stop.

    We have to charge ahead and use this technology to clean up the environment and even allow us to colonize space.

    If we could also extend out life span people will have more time to experience things and in turn slow things down why have a baby at 20 when you could do it at 80.

    Graphene is unusual in that it is made of carbon which is one of the most abundant thinks on earth and we could also recycle such materials and mine landfill sights.

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